Patrik The Vampire (web comic)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I found another original works comic that I love!! It’s an endearing tale about a man turned vampire and how he’s lived through the ages through sunlight, people, blood shortage, blood lust, constant job firings, and of course his own temper. Patrik Dokiychuk has been alive for 749 years […]

Overlord (anime)

Hello my darlings Glamour here and a while ago something odd caught my eye on Facebook. It was an anime where a skeleton styled mage was grabbing the chest of a succubus character and everything was heavily awkward! I laughed and looked for the name of the anime….however I’ll admit I forgot about it for […]

Diabolik Lovers Season I and II (anime)

Hello my darlings I’m touching on another very touchy anime that I myself even had mixed feelings about… Why? This anime has a couple of things I like and a couple of things that very much drove me up the wall. One thing I’ll admit I like seeing is Reverse Harems mostly just because well […]