San Diego Comicon 2016 and Pok’emon GO tips!

Well my dears I just had a nice comfortable rest! It was a long day of walking!!! Hell a long weekend (and I only walked two of the days if you can believe it!). Grabbed some people and ran all over San Diego searching for Pokémon. We saw a bit of everything the good, the bad, and one […]

ZatchBell! (anime)

Well my dears today I’m visiting an oldie but goodie. We are hitting up Zatch Bell! From those sweet carefree days when you watched small beings from another world beat the hell out of each other. Now let’s get to it! Our story begins as so many do in this format Japan in a boy’s […]

One Punch Man (Anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and today we’re going to go over something you might have heard buzzing about as of late One Punch Man! Usually walks around with a lackluster expression and claims to pick up the mantle of the hero due to simple boredom. However, things are not so simple as that… He […]


Well my dears there have been a lot of changes. My husband surprised me with the announcement of wanting to get us both custom made PCs since we are putting so much into well everything! With that I’ve been putting a little more on my youtube channel, started up a twitch, and even picked up […]

Youtuber’s Life (Comp)

  I did a video with Xsplit. It felt comfortable just talking like I would normally while playing a game. I’ll do a follow up post to review the game but right now just going through a bit of game play. Enjoy and feel free to subscribe to the Hatter Gazette!!   Video was messed […]