Love Tyrant (anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I want to talk about love!! Crazy, misguided, beautiful, ugly, and just plain old CONFUSING LOVE!…Or more specifically in this case the anime known as Love Tyrant! It’s an odd anime that I randomly became aware of on Crunchyroll now let’s get started! We start at the home of […]

Borderlands 2 (comp)

Welcome to Pandora today I’m covering Borderlands 2! This game has been my crack lately and I love the hell out of it!… I’m also unable to play it any other way than PC since I’m not great at FPS. However, I found one of the best games to learn or just enjoy if you’re […]

ZatchBell! (anime)

Well my dears today I’m visiting an oldie but goodie. We are hitting up Zatch Bell! From those sweet carefree days when you watched small beings from another world beat the hell out of each other. Now let’s get to it! Our story begins as so many do in this format Japan in a boy’s […]

One Punch Man (Anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and today we’re going to go over something you might have heard buzzing about as of late One Punch Man! Usually walks around with a lackluster expression and claims to pick up the mantle of the hero due to simple boredom. However, things are not so simple as that… He […]

Reaction Video: The Rendevous

Hello my dears just wanted to drop the link to my newest little project a reaction video to The Rendevous. The link to the original video shows up on the youtube page. Don’t forget to smash that like button and the subscribe! Good night my dears!