Gunnerkrigg Court (Properly)

Alright so the last review for Gunnerkrigg Court I will admit…. Was clusterfucky…. So I’m going to redo it and attempt to use a similar style as I would with my game reviews and also follow up with another post of The 8 Characteristics of Comics. Something I thought up after my little Faux Pas […]

Gunnerkrigg Court

Well I said I would eventually get to comic reviews so here it is! I was originally going to try to get ahold of the creator but that was harder than I realized. So now I’ll just hope I do right with my review of this work of art, on a side note I’ve been […]


Today I celebrate 100 views for!!! It took a lot of time and effort to get this going but I’m genuinely ecstatic about all this. Also coming up soon hoping to start up on some web comic reviews!! After some deliberation I figured I would never make a negative review for web comics since […]