Gungrave (anime)

Hello my dears! Glamour here and watching this anime I’ve been feeling like I’ve been taking shots all day… No seriously I’m about to die from a heavy case of lead poisoning with this anime. Why guns? Well because it is all about dealing with the mafia! A young girl named is on the run […]


This is Atlas-K and I’m finally back on the beat after spending a few weeks on travel. Today I’ll be reviewing one of my all-time favorite anime/manga series, Bastard!!!  While this series runs as both, I’ll be reviewing the one shot anime series that ran in the early 90’s. It ran six episodes and all […]

Fate Stay the Night

Hi!  I’m going to save the in depth intro on myself for later, but the name’s Atlas and I joined Glamour’s team to help her review anime, manga and other such things.  I also dabble in creative writing on the side, so keep an eye out for my posts and let’s see if I can […]

Diabolik Lovers Season I and II (anime)

Hello my darlings I’m touching on another very touchy anime that I myself even had mixed feelings about… Why? This anime has a couple of things I like and a couple of things that very much drove me up the wall. One thing I’ll admit I like seeing is Reverse Harems mostly just because well […]

Criminal Girls Invite Only (Vita)

Have you ever wanted a small elite force composed of pretty girls and gorgeous women?…That is not what you get when you start this game. Criminal Girls Invite Only starts in a prison that delinquent girls are sent to after death and you try to help them get through their struggles and fighting hordes of […]