Tabletop Games by Hoju Game:  Pandemic Publisher:  Z-Man Games (2008) Player Count:  2 – 4 Players Pandemic is a cooperative game for one to four players set in a world ravaged by an outbreak of four deadly diseases.  Each player assumes one role of seven (five in the original edition) CDC workers collaborating with their […]

Overlord (anime)

Hello my darlings Glamour here and a while ago something odd caught my eye on Facebook. It was an anime where a skeleton styled mage was grabbing the chest of a succubus character and everything was heavily awkward! I laughed and looked for the name of the anime….however I’ll admit I forgot about it for […]

Miss Peregrinne’s Home for Peculiar Children (Books)

Well hello my darlings! I have something quite special for you and I know what you’re thinking my doves; Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? Why? The movie was out ages ago. That may be so but I needed to seriously let myself breathe after that before writing on this topic… Why? Well that is […]

Fushigi Yugi (Manga)

Hello my dears tonight I’m running down memory lane and thinking of Fushigi Yugi in between ‘sports’ anime reviews with an old fashioned time turner. So we start our story with two good friends Miaka Yuki and Yui Hongo. While fooling around with an old dusty book the girls find themselves in ancient China! Miaka […]


Hell-o my dears as promised this is my list of NO GAMES! As promised! All of these games I hate with a passion some I didn’t even review because they didn’t seem worth the trouble my darlings. Happy Holiday shopping my doves! Last note: Now if you disagree with any of these entries or have […]