Grim Dawn (PC)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I’m running through a game that someone at work talked up as being ‘better than Diablo’. I didn’t really believe it but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt…. So I tried it out. Let’s talk about it before I give the final verdict. With the […]


For today, Hoju has decided to step beyond his usual realm of tabletop wonderment to bring you a review of 2015’s most darling of an indie game, Undertale. Undertale takes place in a world that is both semi-cohabited by humans and monsters.  For reasons told at every start-up, the monsters have been banished into a physical […]

Chaos Dragon (anime)

Hello my doves! You’ve got Glamour and let’s talk about an anime I just ran through in a hurry because there were only 12 episodes! Although you know I’ll give my best for it my darlings! Now let’s start with the island of much debate a small place (we know it to be small because […]

Haikyu!!! (anime)

Hello my dears! You ever try at something really hard and then end up horribly disappointed? That’s sadly how this anime I’m running through starts out. Shoyo Hinata was a kid in middle school who pretty much made up his entire team of his school’s volleyball team. Meaning he put it together and was the only […]


Tabletop Games by Hoju Game:  Pandemic Publisher:  Z-Man Games (2008) Player Count:  2 – 4 Players Pandemic is a cooperative game for one to four players set in a world ravaged by an outbreak of four deadly diseases.  Each player assumes one role of seven (five in the original edition) CDC workers collaborating with their […]

Overlord (anime)

Hello my darlings Glamour here and a while ago something odd caught my eye on Facebook. It was an anime where a skeleton styled mage was grabbing the chest of a succubus character and everything was heavily awkward! I laughed and looked for the name of the anime….however I’ll admit I forgot about it for […]