Well my dears there have been a lot of changes. My husband surprised me with the announcement of wanting to get us both custom made PCs since we are putting so much into well everything! With that I’ve been putting a little more on my youtube channel, started up a twitch, and even picked up […]

Reaction Video: A Lullaby For Princess

At the behest of a little lady I decided to give a reaction video a shot… Go easy on me if you can it’s my first attempt. Enjoy!   The Hatter Gazette -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqJ92aeNv7pLFU7luupuJlQ

New Material!!

Alright my lovely gamers and nerds of all kinds! I have wondrous news ahatterofthedetails will get a bit of a facelift. I will be getting a new set of pictures to showcase the original work I’ll put under ‘Writing'(similar to the picture showcased for this post). Which is also to say I shall also be […]

Things to come!

Good and lovely day my .000019% mercury lined gamers! (Yes I looked up what the percentage is of mercury in the human body) For Ahatterofthedetails there is a lot to come! Aside from getting its usual facelift I’ll soon have a new gallery for the Original Work featured such as Red and Spider Scars. Red […]

The Eight Characteristics of Comics

Alright as promised this is my post for The Eight Characteristics of Comics!!! I tried to do a review for Gunnerkrigg Court (which I redid recently) and failed utterly at first. Not being satisfied with that I decided to use the way I did reviews for games and attempt something similar. Now I’m proud to […]