For today, Hoju is going to take you on a nostalgic journey through the realms of pocket-sized computers, emulations and legal gray (or grey, since what I’m about to talk about originated in the UK) areas.  No one game will be talked about for this go-around, as I will be discussing the DIY media platform of RetroPie. […]

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Hello my dears I’ve been all over this games and its adorable!!! Harvest Moon has been back and forth between names and whatnot so of course I had to get this game!! Still has all the loveable cute creatures you remember and not just one town to run amok in but three! I know that […]

Grim Dawn (PC)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I’m running through a game that someone at work talked up as being ‘better than Diablo’. I didn’t really believe it but I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt…. So I tried it out. Let’s talk about it before I give the final verdict. With the […]


For today, Hoju has decided to step beyond his usual realm of tabletop wonderment to bring you a review of 2015’s most darling of an indie game, Undertale. Undertale takes place in a world that is both semi-cohabited by humans and monsters.  For reasons told at every start-up, the monsters have been banished into a physical […]


Tabletop Games by Hoju Game:  Pandemic Publisher:  Z-Man Games (2008) Player Count:  2 – 4 Players Pandemic is a cooperative game for one to four players set in a world ravaged by an outbreak of four deadly diseases.  Each player assumes one role of seven (five in the original edition) CDC workers collaborating with their […]


Hell-o my dears as promised this is my list of NO GAMES! As promised! All of these games I hate with a passion some I didn’t even review because they didn’t seem worth the trouble my darlings. Happy Holiday shopping my doves! Last note: Now if you disagree with any of these entries or have […]