Harvest Moon a Tale of Two Towns (3DS) Versus HomeTown Story (3DS)

Alright so this review is brought to you by the same company. NATSUME. They have put out a lot of Harvest Moon games and only one HomeTown Story game. For some reason (like similarities and combining) I felt the need to put these two reviews in one. Now let’s get going! Story/Harvest Moon: You start […]

Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel (DS)

Well I’m going to go old kinds of old school on you with this one. Many people remember the beloved work of Rumiko Takahashi…. Ranma 1/2! Just kidding! Sadly enough to my knowledge there was no game for Ranma 1/2 but Inuyasha has had a few among them would be Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine […]

The World Ends With You Part Two

I got out of work and the first thing I did was lock up and grab my 3DS XL. On my off time aside from sleeping and posting I have been working on beating The World Ends With You. For the gaming notes there are some things that I didn’t include in the previous part […]