Mias and Elle (Web Comic)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and I’ve got something special for you my dears! For a long time I’ve been following a certain artist on Deviant Art and found out she has been posting on Tapastic and Patreon! Now if you were about for the Pucca WYIM review you know I love supporting and […]

Gunnerkrigg Court (Properly)

Alright so the last review for Gunnerkrigg Court I will admit…. Was clusterfucky…. So I’m going to redo it and attempt to use a similar style as I would with my game reviews and also follow up with another post of The 8 Characteristics of Comics. Something I thought up after my little Faux Pas […]

Gunnerkrigg Court

Well I said I would eventually get to comic reviews so here it is! I was originally going to try to get ahold of the creator but that was harder than I realized. So now I’ll just hope I do right with my review of this work of art, on a side note I’ve been […]