Long Time No See I know -.-‘

Hello my dears Glamour here and I just wanted to send you guys an update since I’ve been gone for ….. what feels like forever. I have been trying to get back into putting more content but everything keeps getting crazy every five seconds (figuratively not literally). I’ve still been playing games but its more […]


Hello my dears Glamour here and just going to announce AHOTD is going on a hiatus for a bit. We are not sure just how long the hiatus will be but it will be at least through the remainder of April and its possible that it might go through May for my birthday (May 3rd in […]

San Diego Comicon 2016 and Pok’emon GO tips!

Well my dears I just had a nice comfortable rest! It was a long day of walking!!! Hell a long weekend (and I only walked two of the days if you can believe it!). Grabbed some people and ran all over San Diego searching for Pokémon. We saw a bit of everything the good, the bad, and one […]


Alright my dears if you have not downloaded Pokemon go and reaped the benefits I don’t know what to tell you save how to get ready for it! It’s fun and something for the whole family! Sure it’s got glitches but its improving rapidly every day! Also if you’re out by the Midway don’t forget […]

Streaming attempt… 

I tried to stream the other night and it didn’t work to well… Hyper devotion had too many errors, hyper dimension was set up originally for vita but the controls haphazardly thrown about for pc version, and Tales of Zesteria worked but the movement was so slow I was quoting the first lunar landing. Anyways […]


Well my dears there have been a lot of changes. My husband surprised me with the announcement of wanting to get us both custom made PCs since we are putting so much into well everything! With that I’ve been putting a little more on my youtube channel, started up a twitch, and even picked up […]