Chaika The Coffin Princess (anime)

In the shadows of a stormy night a girl mourns the loss of a man she only knew as father… While we mourn the loss of a proper vocabulary… The girl’s name is Chaika Trabant and her mission is to gather the remains of her father the Former Emperor of the Gaz Empire who was killed by eight warriors named as the Eight Heroes after his defeat.

Chaika is a sweet naive girl with a not so great sense of direction but possesses great skill with the weapon she keeps in the coffin she keeps slung on her back a gun type magic tool referred to as a gundo which helps her out after she meets her first ally Toru. Toru is a young man trained as a saboteur which is a specialized fighter trained in an isolated village which is essentially makes them ninjas for hire. Toru  while in a bit of a money slump since a peaceful time without war leaves him without employment until he discovers Chaika wearing her coffin with disjointed speech patterns lost in the forest. After they fight together against a dangerous creature (a unicorn of all things) she resolves to hire him and right after his sister beats him up for going to eat without her she joins the group as well. Akari is also a saboteur as well but also has a crush on her brother and gets violent when he shows affection to other females (they are not related by blood). After their first job of retrieving a ‘special’ item for Chaika from the house of one of the Eight Heroes Akari and Toru find out she is the late Emperor’s daughter and that she is being hunted in her pursuit for her father’s remains.

Despite all the firepower thrown her way she still continues with her task to gather her father’s remains for the sole purpose of conducting a funeral.  Eventually they are joined by a dragoon named Frederica on their journey along with a bunch of other interesting characters and even seeing different sides of Chaika in ways she was not even initially aware of!

Now the story while it revolves around fetching a dead man’s body parts it is more about the nature of mankind especially when they get ahold of power which of course comes with possessing the remains of the former Emperor and are able to be used as magical fuel. The stories go as simply as questioning one’s own identity all the way to trying to figure out what makes a kid so twisted that he is actually motivated by mass murder, torture, and overall carnage….? In essence do the ends justify the means is a question that always put forth in this series and oddly enough not really struggled through save by Chaika herself.

I love watching her try to make her way while still valuing her friends even if they try to see her as simply their employer when they obviously think the world of her. In a way it feels like Scrapped Princess  with much better capability in battle and  more of a lolita charm. Toru of course makes subtle changes throughout figuring out what his priorities are with Chaika as his boss and also usually the one to lug around the coffin. Akari doesn’t really make any changes but she is essentially the one that watches out for Chaika while Toru takes on whatever the main threat is. They make a crazily good team but of course a little silver haired wizard throwing in her magic doesn’t necessarily hurt either ;). All in all I love this anime and I would be fine with showing it to a child… All ‘sensitive’ areas are covered up for the people in denial about that sort of thing and even though they show the aftermath of some torture and the murdering of creatures the blood is not bad at all really compared to almost anything kids already see on a screen anyways.

This anime is a nice break from the school girl genre of anime and even though its weird hearing Chaika’s disjointed speech her entire personality more than makes up for it!! So without question this anime is Hatter Approved my dears!! So goodnight my loves don’t forget to  like, share, subscribe, and comment!!

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