Momo Kyun Sword (anime)

Hello my dears! This anime I’m running with takes it roots from a piece of old Japanese folklore about a young boy born from a peach that was raised by a couple that wanted a child but could not bear one. When he grew up he befriended a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant and won a great victory over the marauding demons causing everyone trouble! The boy’s name was Momotaru and named thusly because he was born from a peach. Now let’s get going! To start off instead of a little boy a little girl was born from the peach and grew into a beautiful busty woman with a knack for combat by the name of Momoko. However in her early days and even as a young lady she has been watched over by the same accompanying creatures as the male version Inugami the dog, Sarugami the monkey, and Kijigami the pheasant who assist her in battle on their own and also by fusing with her to trigger a transformation which is called Momokyun possession.

After growing up happy with her adoptive parents she is called upon by Sumeragi Tennyo (a big boss in the Celestial Realm) to collect pieces of a powerful item known as the Michimi Peach before the oni do to prevent mayhem and chaos and whatnot. Anyways to do this she discovers on her journey celestial maidens to help her collect the pieces along with of course her three animal companions that have not left her side since her birth. Now it is only fair to mention at this point that of course she does not go unopposed in this since Onihime (which translates into Oni princess) is collecting the peach for her father the Oni king and makes it her mission not only to collect the pieces of the Michimi Peach but to also take on a rivalry with Momoko but that’s not to say they can’t see eye to eye sometimes.

What I really like about this anime is that it is not constantly 100 percent combat and leaves room for the cute zany parts of anime that make you smile. Of course the story has the self discovery, the cool combat scenes, and of course the risque outfits that show a lot of Momoko’s chest which all make it pretty fun but I have to admit one of the best episodes is when she took a day off at the beach to chill out with Onihime….(until they found a piece of the peach then it was on) and the episode where getting a piece of the peach was completely dependant on Momoko and the other maidens sacrificing their underwear. Anyways gives a not so heavy look at things but still has at least a couple heavy parts to keep the conflict interesting. It’s not my favorite anime but it is pretty decent and lighthearted for the most part!  Goodnight my dears for now and don’t forget to comment, like, subscribe, and share!!

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