Scrapped Princess (anime)

Hello my darlings you’ve got Glamour and I’ve got something interesting for you! You know all those cute shows where a child is born and there are great expectations for its future! This is one of those however it has one big difference from the get go….Everyone in this story save a select few think this prophesized child like Voldemort is the end of the world as they know it! Now to explain there was a prophecy told about the daughter of the royal family that would destroy their world so she was to killed straight away especially before reaching the age of 16. They assigned a knight to throw the innocent babe into a ravine.

The child survived and thrived under the care of her adopted family being raised as Pacifica Cassule. However after her adopted parents died protecting her the task was passed to her brother Shannon and sister Raquel Cassule. WIth that task passed on and the continued rumor that the princess still lives even 15 years later! Although the stigma would not be complete without a nickname that terrified the entire kingdom which gave birth to ‘The Scrapped Princess’.  However not everyone is treating her like dummies treat pitbulls and other big dogs. She makes a few friends and bit by bit realizes her potential and strengths. Of course it doesn’t hurt that her sister Raquel can cast military grade magic and her brother is skilled in combat which of course gets expanded upon within the series.

The background shows a lack of tech influence save with weaponry and ruined architecture. When they have certain doomsday grade weapons and also combat systems it shows crazy jumps in tech including genetic manipulation which shows that mankind was able to do a lot however during some big incident mankind was pushed far far back left without all of the advances made prior and new idols such as Browning as the ‘Devil’ and Mauser which is essentially God for this series. Of course there are a lot more pieces to the story the only thing I will share at this point is that Browning is likened more than the apple in the Garden of Eden where the fruit of knowledge is forbidden (thank you atheism) thusly effectively keeping people ignorant because they don’t question anything. Anyways the most growth is shown by the girl protecting others by being ready to lay her life down but still bordering on the self fulfilling prophecy of dying to make other people’s lives easier but still remaining nice and cute with the temper of a feisty kitten that demands attention on her own terms. However most of the character building is based on her effect on the people around her since she even befriends those that originally tried to kill her.

The art is pretty typical save the great job they did at making some of the elements of the more modern elements blend in as ruins or made it blend in with the magic elements that make it seem almost typical. All in all the anime is cute and short enough to keep you busy for a while. Mostly the way that people blindly follow either Mauser and or Browning without really thinking of what they really stand for just reminds me how happy I am to be an atheist… Anyways with that out of the bag I respect religion until something stupid is said or people try to push it down my throat. So anyone leaving comments to that shouldn’t be surprised with the responses they get! ^.^ And with that I say goodnight my dears don’t forget to like, comment, share and subscribe!!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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