Hina Logic From Luck and Logic (anime)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and today I’m going through another combat school anime. They are coming out of the woodwork like pregnancy announcements after prom. Anyways moving on! This particular anime is about a princess by the name of Yelistratova Liones known as Lion for short. She runs off from home because it is recognized that she has the skill necessary to become a logicalist a person that shares her body with a being from another dimension to make use of its power mostly in combat of course complete with a different cute lil outfit with each contract made. Anyways the person does this within a state commonly referred to as a trance. This is because they give a fair amount of control to the otherworldly being referred to as a ‘foreigners’. It seems odd but it is at least used in a realistic fashion because they mention that foreigners can be good and bad versus being…. Okay not pushing that one moving on.

Now back to Miss Lion she arrives at school and makes a contract with her first foreigner within the first day with no prior experience. She makes friends easily with the other students including some that were training and taking a break from the ALCA which is essentially a police force with these nifty magical esque girls. They are trained liked school girls with intensive sparring sessions.

Mostly the events are slice of life with a little crazy involved events that are usually tame end up manic such as parent visits, school functions, and even valentine’s day chocolate goes oddly haywire. However more to the combat side Lion turns out to be a savant as a logicalist able to easily make contracts and learn the various combat styles and well I might add however it leaves her open to being overcome by the foreigner she shares her body with due to an increased empathy for her partners. She even takes time to learn from her partners  in a capacity most others don’t. As for the art it’s cute, it’s bubbly and the most intriguing things about it are the beginning sequence where they have the paper versions of the  girls with their transformations  complete with effects and of course the transformations themselves. All in all I like this anime it’s pretty typical… GIrl runs  from home, girl makes friends, girl struggles, and overcomes major issue with her highly developed skills. If you like another school centered anime with combat implications it’ll do the job. Not really feeling one way or the other about this anime I just really liked the cute outfits. Later loves this Hatter is out!! Don’t forget to like, comment and share!!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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