Fox Spirit Matchmaker (anime/tapas)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and today I’m running through reincarnated love!! And no I’m not talking about Inuyasha…. Love them but that is a can of shouting back and forth at knuckleheads is not what I want to deal with today. Anyways we start with  the Tosan clan  the sexy little fox demons that can talk you into signing over your house, car, and possibly selling off your own children to make them some cash. I don’t know if Shippo would approve but these girls don’t seem to mind because this clan  even help if  you’re already in love with a youkai then they can help you reunite upon your reincarnation just swear your love on an item have the fox use magic to break it in half and upon your reincarnation put the two pieces of item together and matchmade! Complete with memories of your previous life!

Now normally this is a run of the mill job for the Tosan clan save in the case of Suusu. She’s a kitsune with the appearance of a small child and no real demonic power. She is  determined to become an excellent fox spirit through being a matchmaker. However her sister the Queen of the Tosan clan is not fond of the idea so she sets her up with an arranged marriage which Suusu does not take well. In her flight to try to find her first matchmaking assignment she meets Haku Gessho a very poor desperate young man with strong spiritual power, a sweet tooth, and is possibly the reincarnation of a very strong monk from 500 years ago. He is so poor he literally eats grass and Suusu pays him in candy… Which she is usually never short of oddly enough. Now I know what you’re thinking aside from carrying candy all the time why do we care about this kid? Easy. She’s also a reincarnation of another powerful being from 500 years ago.

Instantly Suusu becomes fast friends with Gessho Haku and despite being of limited power for the time being she manages to control Haku with promises of candy (even if he is taking advantage) and being adorable. However no matter how dysfunctional this duo seems they make matches that leave their clients thankful enough to come to their aid in strife and Haku is even strong enough to earn the notice of the Unification League  (and also their favorite punching bag) from a young age. Oddly enough I just keep thinking of Noragami everytime I watch this anime because this kid is so broke. However all the small talk aside everyone is waiting for these amazing superbeings from people everyone originally wrote off… (sounds like most of my life).  

So if you love well love and watching an awkward pair make other awkward pairs find love as some unseen forces try to sabotage it this is for you. Hm? What about the unseen forces? Well it happens during Suusu’s matches someone in the shadows sends demons to stop her matches by eating their love and controlling the lovers turning them against eachother!! Although they couples usually make it through and you get to hear the story of their perseverance, love, and the struggles they go through to get back what they had before their loved one unfortunately died.

The art style is cute on both the anime and the web comic however I prefer sticking to the crunchyroll over here but the web comic has it’s own charm  just don’t forget you need  tapas coins to unlock each chapter on the tapastic app (link )!! The demons are a bit interesting in design…. Apparently the importance of the demon is in almost every case matched by their breast size showing (Queen of the Tosan fox clan is stacked/jk) and I’m still curious about the servant demons in use especially the heart melting giant bunnies seen everywhere in this series~!!!!!  Granted I’ve been dying for a puppy I can get the image of the giant cart pulling bunnies from this series out of my head!!

All in all this is a cute anime that is luckily not another school anime….(if I watch another school based anime within the next month I’m going to carve out my own liver and feed it to an eagle…) and gives me something refreshing to write on that makes me laugh and smile at the corner of my mouth. Now I bid thee goodnight my dears I have to join the furballs (cats) in my bed and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe my dears!



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