Gungrave (anime)

Hello my dears! Glamour here and watching this anime I’ve been feeling like I’ve been taking shots all day… No seriously I’m about to die from a heavy case of lead poisoning with this anime. Why guns? Well because it is all about dealing with the mafia! A young girl named is on the run seeking help from a man that was a friend of her mother’s that goes by the name of Brandon Heat or as he soon is referred to as is Beyond The Grave or ‘Grave’ for short. She finds this man and notifies her that her mother was murdered by the leader of the mafia organization called Millenion. Now after a couple of kick ass fights the timeline takes a leap backward over 15 years to when Grave was just Brandon running the streets with his punk friends including a guy named Harry MacDowel. The series switches completely to the timeline showing the progression of Harry and Brandon from the street to executives in… you guessed it Millenion. Since the two each found their own strides since Harry always had a silver tongue and Brandon going from brawling to becoming an expert gunman or ‘sweeper’. However after his death he was brought back from the dead able to take on others brought back from the dead. These beings have two types the orgman which has no will of its own and the Superiors which are much more powerful, each have their own special abilities based on their own strengths, and of course keep their own sense of self. However Brandon doesn’t necessarily fall into either category since he was made by a different scientist with different capabilities.

The storyline also follows Brandon’s sweetheart Maria who lives with her uncle until he dies while protecting Brandon. The girl being alone in the world until the boss of Millenion takes her in a man known as Big Daddy. Of course this is a completely different management body than the leader that sends his men to kill a 15 year old girl claiming there would be issues with his succession or claim to the organization (obvious lie). So now that all the other explanation is out of the way I’ll get to why I really like this anime. Brandon Heat.

He is that strong silent type with a capacity to be rough and kind as need be. At first when I saw him I thought was mute but he uttered a few two word phrases proves the contrary. He time after time does what is right according to his claim of being loyal to his loved ones those being Harry since childhood, Maria after love at first sight, Big Daddy after he takes him under his wing, and the Iron Code of Millenion the family that gave his life purpose. However he doesn’t hesitate to take Mika under his care. Now I’ll admit Mika doesn’t have a great amount of influence but she does bring out some of the nurturing qualities in Grave even causing him to crack a smile once or twice. Which made him look gentle and sweet even while riddled with bullets.


The art style is somewhat reminiscent of Trigun for his outfit since his outfit is very…. Flared out? Don’t get me wrong he was still hot as hell with his massive muscles and long silver fox hair I’m still wondering who came up with the outfit….  However it is still in a modern setting for the majority of the series in addition to ruined locations.

All in all I love this anime and watching the changes in Brandon throughout and his unwavering loyalty I can only relate to a knight fighting for the kingdom he has sworn to protect. It’s a story of brothers in arms, love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, and feelings that transcend death with the added bonus of bringing people back from the dead which turns them into machines forged for the sole purpose of combat. This anime strikes my heart and the ending broke it into tiny little pieces…. So I warn you if you have a heart this anime will surely break it… This anime is undoubtedly Hatter approved…. I bid thee goodnight my dears…. I need a tub of green tea icecream and a mug cupcake to aid my broken heart. Although of course it might mend faster if you guys remember to comment, like, share, and subscribe… Goodnight.

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