A Centaur’s Life (anime)

Hello my dears!! Glamour here and let’s get another slice of life shall we? It’s an odd anime I bring to you today A Centaur’s Life! There all sorts of altered creatures that run about Angelfolk, Draconids (I originally thought it was a demon), fauns, mermaids, antarticans (snakelook/bird construction), ‘frenchmen’(froglike), and of course centaurs. They all live in harmony in a Japan only again with no ‘normal’ people. The story centers around the Centaur female Himeno Kimihara. A sweet girl with a gifted rack and frequently referred to as princess because of her name. The size of her chest is one of the normal attributes of her race and her name is reminiscent of her family’s history along with her hair color since in this series red haired centaurs are rare save in her family line. She is frequently seen with her two best friends Nozomi Gokuraku a tomboy draconid, who helps her family out with their dojo and Kyouko Naraku a faunus female who assists her father with the family business. The anime follows Himeno on her day to day but also takes time to branch off into other character’s stories from time to time for emphasis on cultural structure.

For instance the story follows Manami Mitama race Angelfolk to give the emphasis on the life of a hard working female student that doubles her workload taking care of her family members both with child rearing and keeping up the family shrine. One of those girls that goes above and beyond in all aspects.

However one of my favorite diverts is when they follow around the mermaidfolk after a class fieldtrip since the values were completely different from others on land in terms of modesty. The mermaid females usually go around without covering their chests (male and female). There is a conversation between male and female mer-students that denote the males thinking the female land students were much more attractive because they covered their chests up versus the female breasts of their classmates that they see out jiggling every day even though their classmates possess much bigger breasts. Of course, the male mer-students additionally also thought the behavior of being shy about their breasts was actually attractive in and of itself. Now this is not all just about breasts no matter how many times the word appears in this…or how often I say it. Bottom line is its all about values and ways of living.

Another example leads heavy into the character development and the flexibility of the art style for the series. The introduction of Su-chan the Antarctican and recent transfer to Himeno’s class. Since she and Himeno are the tallest females in class they obviously must sit in the back together but Himeno is terrified of Su-chan because a stigma held by the other ‘races’ because Antarcticans resemble snakes which is primo fodder for scary movies. Which of course is the equivalent to watching ‘IT’ or ‘Chucky’ as a kid and steering clear of Clowns or certain sections of Spencers around Halloween time. Eventually they clarify a lot of things about her culture and body construction including that even though she looks like a snake her body is closer in construction to that of a bird. In a way the entire scenario revolved around overcoming perceptions, almost racism, and accountability. Which sort of hit heavy especially with the follow up some episodes later that go into concentration camps and possible terrorism…

This I admit sort of surprised me a lot since everything took a rather serious tone for two episodes. So far it is light but still hard hitting in certain areas which makes for a promising event sequence to come!  Of course bringing up important questions including one of the first I had being ‘how do centaurs even put on pants?’ (answered on episode 7). Which brings an interesting idea about the art since they can accommodate the different races even down to putting a sleeve on a mermaid tail while being carried around land or commercial that appears during the anime denoting a prototype walking device to assist merfolk with walking on land.

All in all this is an enjoyable anime that is gentle enough to smile with but still gives you the hard truth of the world in a very constructive way. I can hatter approve this anime with a clean conscience. The characters are relatable and the scenarios take us out of our comfort zone but making it seem not as direct since race is defined differently in this series. Well that’s all for now my dears goodnight and this Hatter is OUT!

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