Restaurant To Another World (anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and this anime is responsible for making my stomach try to eat itself….and tempting me to ruin my wallet…. This is Restaurant to Another World! Now first off what do you think of when you think of a restaurant? Do you think of a buffet where you stuff yourself into a food coma? Do you think of your first date with that special someone? Your first job? Well in this anime you’re dealing with all of these scenarios and then some. Now let’s get started.

A man simply referred to as Master runs his café known as the ‘Western Restaurant Nekoya’ although they really serve a little bit of everything. Every seven days the door to his restaurant appears in multiple locations all over in another dimension or ‘world’. Bringing different kinds of patrons; humans, mermaids, dragons, wizards from the desert, fairies and even princesses! Even his newest hire is a sweet demon girl that couldn’t get and or keep jobs just because she’s part demon even though she’s a hard worker.

Aletta is an adorable demon girl that found herself walking through the café door completely by accident only to be offered a fresh set of clothes, a shower, food, and a job. Granted the job is only every seven days it has opened up opportunities for her and gained protection from one of the restaurant patrons. Everyone else is introduced according to their favorite dish while their story is told. Usually they get half of an episode named after what they like. Like the dragon that covets the Restaurant orders Beef Stew, A princess that arrives loves parfaits but refers to them as ‘clouds’, and the dwarves like Fried Seafood with their Beef and Whisky. Obviously there are quite a few more but those are the ones that immediately come to mind when I think of this anime.

The development takes place in each character arc but it is very subtle since most of the emphasis is the person’s realization about this food and how apparently it is so utterly magnificent. Some forge bonds over the food attempt alliances, argue which food is best, etc…. Usually the most insightful material revolves around Aletta coming into her own in the other world and in the restaurant. However there are a few other promising stories but none match my wavelength as well as hers.

Anyways moving on the art is interesting since they use a bunch of different types of creatures and bringing them all into such a chill background. A half man/lion creature about to go to a gladiator fight, a man dying from hunger on a deserted island, a mermaid with the ability to give herself dragon legs to move on land, etc… are all brought together and even if they can’t come back for a while they always manage a way to return and always in much better shape since they have reasons to go on and get better in some aspect of their character. Although redirecting to the art style it must be said that the way the food looks is hard to put into words…. It looks good enough to make my stomach rumble. To be honest if my partner in ‘crime’ didn’t order food I would not have made it through watching this anime.

In summary it is a very well thought through anime with emphasis on life improvement and value with only like 10 seconds of actual fighting at this point… (episode 10/ People drawing their weapons at the door being startled does not count as fighting obviously). Although the series really doesn’t need fighting I am curious about the habits of the lizard people and their tournament to determine who goes through the door every ‘Day of Satur’ to pick up the take out. However I know it would kind of defeat the purpose of the anime since it is all about bringing people of different walks of life together. Even the lonely outcast likes somewhere to belong once in a while…. Hm? What is that? Fuck you I’m not crying…let’s finish this… It’s a heartwarming anime and okay for the kids since they censor out the ‘naughty bits.’ Admittedly there is a little bit of swearing but let’s be honest usually kids hear worse in their homes and schools so forget the entire ‘save the children’ spiel. Although I’m giving you guys ample warning DO NOT WATCH THIS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!!!! It is a horrible idea and I don’t want you guys commenting that Glamour turned you guys into fat kids because you watched Master pour the sauce on his steak and you ran to a Ponderosa afterwards. Anyways goodnight my dears!! Glamour is out!

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