Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I’m running Fire Emblem this week and I can not put this shit down!!! Unless I have to go to work or sleep…. then I cry myself to sleep…. Just kidding anyways. I love Fire Emblem and this one does not disappoint however it does try your patience a bit now let’s get going!!

You start off with the story of two kids and their childhood friends in a small village no one really cares about unless there is a Princess hiding there. Alm is the grandson of a knight sworn to protect princess of Zofia on the run Celica. However of course that’s not the first place they search since Valentia is essentially their world with two major nations with their own patron deities Zofia with the Goddess Mila and Rigel with the God Duma. They fought until they could finally agree that the fighting was not really good for anyone until Rigel decided to get greedy hence the princess going into hiding. Anyways after an incident at the village it is decided by her protector that she must be moved far away from the village and Alm. Who make this cute promise to be together again someday… Pardon me while I check for cavities.  Anyways they skip forward to adulthood when the country has gone to crap and the old king and Celica’s father is pronounced dead. A resistance known as the Deliverance shows up looking for members so you and your friends sign up like kids at MEPs without all the fun tests. Moving on. You also get a sort of introduction to what happened to Celica over the years and after they meet up you officially have to start juggling…. Now before I get too deep into that we’ll get into some character dev right quick…

So obviously the change from the years is a given but the real development comes from the conversations on the battlefield. Which are a bit annoying because I got a little comfy with the aspect of being able to have my own base to build up from Birthright where it also allowed you to chat up and build relationships as you wish. This version doesn’t really give you that freedom but at least they do allow different dynamics like the gay archer in love with his Paladin on Celica’s team.

Now the battle system is mostly the same save what you can equip beforehand and the ‘redo dial’. When you are prepping your teams you can only have them hold one item. They don’t get to have weapons and accessories or anything else cool and customizable…. yippee…. Granted the items are good but not great enough that I wouldn’t prefer to have my old slots back. Also they changed the way the map works since you have to simultaneously control two units with only one able to move at a time… They can add units to the map that move around which means if you don’t go into a dungeon or into combat you could very well get one of your units sideswiped.

Usually the consequence is not that bad so don’t freak you just end up going second and your forces are a little more spread out than normal. Now about the redo dial you end up with an item that allows you a limited number of uses where you can scroll back if you screw up in battle. You find cogs to turn the wheel. The wheel is also used for memory prisms which are just the game’s way of saying cut scenes. It’s easy to pick all this up and the graphics are not different from any of the other umteen games FE has put out. Still impressive, still fun, etc… Even if you took out a bunch of stuff including the job system.

Now with the job system I like the part where after you set on a path you have to earn your job changes however you have to go to a statue of Mila to do it…. Which is a pain in the ass… You can also offer the ‘servant’ food to get rid of fatigue which can affect your fighters’ performance. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

This game is obviously a great time kill with no end of enemies to keep you entertained. Granted it makes me watch to play birthright more because I liked having my options. Now don’t get me wrong I like the game but let’s be honest you can’t even scroll through your units in battle you have to dpad all the way over there… but luckily they did add smart end so your turn ends right after everyone on your team goes even though you have to make it so in settings and of course you can end your turn prior. Right now I’m still going through it but the story is not making me cry like when the lost prince or princess saw his mother die in the middle of town in birthright and I don’t have sheer hatred for the enemy because he used some poor kid. The story is a bit predictable so in a couple ways this game kinda stepped backwards to me save the dungeon aspect which has me maintaining a bit of hope. Along with the ‘earning’ the right to class change but I love a story that makes me feel. This game is just not making me feel. Anyways don’t let me kill your buzz just keep all that in mind. Good night my dears and don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe!!!

Oh and sidenote my dears if you get this game don’t choose the option where your characters stay dead… The only way to get characters otherwise is to get them via DLCs…. They even took away the idea of having children… it saddened me to the point where I went back to the other version of Fire Emblem where I married my butler and had his little butler babies! Goodnight dears!

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