Miitopia (3DS)

Hello my dears Glamour here and today I’m running through Miitopia and legit my dears it will feel like a bloody run since this is going to go so fast. Now let’s get gone! You choose whatever Mii you want as your main character, a mii for your villain then you start upon the Miitopia world. Your villain starts causing havoc by stealing people’s faces. Now at this point you’ll notice they look like random celeb or anime faces well faces are submitted and allowed to be used throughout the game and of course you can use your friends’ Miis you have obtained if you’ve exchanged their IDs. I even have Misty and Brock upholding a fat ass King Mario in my first castle and my fabulous gay (guy) friend as the princess but now I’m getting a bit ahead of myself… so let’s take it to a slow jog right quick…

You get to choose you appearance, job, and personality trait. The last two have actual influence in battle. The job pool is limited but it gets bigger as you progress and you’re forced to choose new jobs in each new area. The further into the game you get the weirder the jobs and outfits get. You start off with basic jobs like warrior, cleric, mage, pop star and a few others eventually you get imp, cat, tank, etc… and when I say tank I don’t mean it in the normal sense of someone taking all the damage so others can step in and beat the shit out of the enemy I mean the costume is actually a tank…. But more on that later…. You get to choose the same thing as your original character for each of your supporting characters. Newsflash don’t get too attached to any of them because after each kingdom the dark lord comes to steal your allies and leave you like the hobo under the bridge, jobless. Granted you get to choose new a new job just after losing them each time but again they make you choose different ones each time. You also gradual get new party members as you go on as well. I started off with my friend Poodle and now that he’s been kidnapped I’ve been running around with Ciel and Sebastian from Black Butler even without Ciel’s eyepatch. All in all story is the Dark Lord takes people and or their faces, you build a team, you help the kingdom in peril, get access to the next area, lose your team/ job, then wash rinse and repeat.

Now let’s get into the battle system. Mostly all you do is have everything on auto since you only control your own mii anyways then just give them HP, MP, and life sprinkles accordingly while utilizing the safe spot behind the party which is at best a quick cure all for ailments gained in battle (though they are odd ailments…they can be a pain in the ass). The only real impact you have on the battle is preparation by grinding, equipment acquisition, use of food to increase stats, relationship building, and picking the roles to make certain your team is well balanced. Sure you can choose where your team goes when going through maps but the elements mentioned prior pretty much covers everything. I’ll admit I like getting gold flags by going through all of the paths in the various areas to collect gear and tickets for the mini game but that still plays into the equipment acquisition. The only shame is again that everything refreshes after every bloody kingdom save the stats that your main character builds up from food consumption.

Now more about the costumes as promised Cat is something you expect to look sexy right? Maybe a girl in a bikini or something but it honestly looks like an odd costume that was meant to be sexy but a creepy cat lady got ahold of some of the outfits. However, not like any of the ‘regular’ jobs escape that fate when even warrior ends up with pastel costume options, ribbon sword, and some shit that looks like a 10 year old girl’s onesie. Not really much happens for character development save some copy and paste scenarios that occur randomly. Also there is not a ton to say about graphics after the embarrassing and odd costumes for the jobs since there are miis involved they can’t really do a ton with the graphics.

As for playtime and replayability…. Well you can put in some playtime because they stretch out the game play with the repetition. There is a little bit of change from kingdom to kingdom with the cast involved but honestly not really enough to matter. The only aspect unique to this game is the idea of choosing your own cast be it celebrity or your own friends and family. As for me I can’t really hatter approve it. It makes as much sense as one of those idle clicker games to me and seems a bit lazy in construction but that’s just me. It’s one of the few games where I felt like I truly wasted my money. Well that is all for now good night my dears!!

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