Eromanga Sensei (anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and today I’m running through Eromanga Sensei! I watched this anime a while back and recently caught back up with it. I couldn’t quite get it out of my head even with so much going on so let’s talk about it! The story starts with a nearly fairytale beginning when Masamune Isumi meets his new stepsister Sagiri. She’s shy and adorable and he promises to take care of her no matter what however that comes into place a lot sooner than either of them thought. Both of their parents die in an accident leaving Sagiri-chan as a recluse in her room and her stepbrother to care for them both.  He makes what money he can as an author of light novels while still going to school every day and single handedly taking care of everything at home including his stepsister…. Since the accident she has not physically taken a step out of her room since the accident (save while even her brother is not home).  Although she finds a way to get her anime fix… In fact in her isolation she becomes an artist with a reputation for making the sexiest drawings. Which makes sense since what else can you do while you’re all cooped up in your room for weeks at a time? Well obviously surf the interwebs for one thing which also can make a girl a drawing sensation from the comfort of her bedroom.

One of her notable works is the art for a light novel known as Silverwolf of Reincarnation. She doesn’t know who she is working with just like the author of the book didn’t know that his oh-so mysterious illustrator is upstairs! Especially since every time she shows up on her streams she uses a mask. However one the day she almost ended up stripping in front of a stream she left of. What tipped him off? I won’t spoil that but if you actually take an interest in it just remember to check the background. Anyways while Masamune struggles to keep himself and his sister afloat other author hopefuls show up to throw monkey wrenches into his path of becoming a famous author. Elf Yamada a female that boasts 2 million copies of Lolita Styled light novels tries to steal his illustrator and accidentally moves right next door!! Of course the females don’t stop there with Muramasa deciding that she doesn’t like him writing out of his original genre challenges him to keep him from doing it even promising to support him and his sister in exchange. However obviously the biggest challenge is the one living in his house…

The great Eromanga Sensei!!!…. his little sister Sagiri the shutin. She’s a strong willed girl that refuses to go to school or leave her room unless she has an absolute dire need to do so…. Which means Masamune must do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and even hand delivers her meals to her door while going to school and writing novels to keep them afloat. Also know that one by one people are finding reasons to seek out Sagiri he is in charge of the … okay not sure what to really call it so let’s just call it negotiation. Since things are not very easily done because Sagiri is a shut in she’s not necessarily well versed in how to deal with actual people… and to make it all worse she sometimes acts like a dirty old man. Which can make things very awkward to put it lightly but of course that is only the tip of the iceberg since things get even more complicated because well… things eventually start resembling GoT… with familiarity among family members. However again does that really count since their parents are dead and both of them are from different parents…. This entire series is a lot to take in however please remember this is a summary of this anime and that the pacing in the actual anime is a lot better with pacing and is a lot more endearing than I’m making it sound because each and every trial that I have mentioned save the GoT scenario Sagiri and Masamune have overcome with flying colors. Masamune befriends each girl that calls him her enemy or sets up against him and his sister is able to muster up some humanity despite her lack of experience with it. Essentially it all boils down to Masamune’s determination, kindness, and unparalleled patience to get all this shit done. When everything is said and done I really like this anime and Hatter Approve it!! It’s charming, awkward, and heartwarming to watch!! If you’re worried about the hints of incest that’s up to your own moral compass but personally it is as relevant to me as the GoT set up, not my monkeys not my circus. Good night my dears!!

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