Glitter Force Doki Doki (Netflix)

Hello my dears!! Now let’s get you guys into feeling the love with GLITTER FORCE!! Now at this time I must admit I did watch the original Glitter Force which was essentially diabetes and saving a fairytale kingdom. This version is pretty much the exact same thing save they moved some stuff around. Now let’s get to it!

Starting off young Maya Aida is visiting a local landmark with her class. As class president she runs around helping everyone even off of school grounds in a flawless manner. However, when the hearts of ordinary people are weaponized into creatures called Disdains born of dark thoughts and impulses within a person’s heart. Maya transforms into Glitter Heart accompanied by Rachel as Glitter Diamond, Clara Yotsuba as Glitter Clover, and Mackenzie Mack as Glitter Spade. Work together trying to find the Princess of Splendorius. However that includes some fighting of course!

Now if you watched the original version you’ll remember that the monsters were once known as Buffoons and had big red noses. In this version they have one big black symbol usually around the center of the Disdain. They also changed their main villain’s name along with the henchmen but the idea is still the same. The dark master is trapped somehow and there is missing royalty that needs to be returned to power. Now that we have that covered let us talk about the girls themselves!!

Each girl was given a charm by a man in a funny hat they refer to as Johnny however they were not chosen at random each girl has her own strengths and weaknesses like any other decent anime. They also take their names from card suits this time versus random emotions and seasons like the first one which makes a hell of a lot more sense. Now Maya Aida/Glitter Heart is the leader of the Glitter Force, Student Council President, the daughter of a bakery, and helpful to anyone whenever she happens to be in the area. Rachel/Glitter Diamond is the sort of motherly figure in the group, excels in school work while keeping the student council president/glitter warrior on task taking part in each aspect heavily. Clara Yotsuba/Glitter Clover is a well-mannered girl from a well to do family and her family owns nearly every building she walks into. Her temperament is legendary only second to her butler’s skills in assisting the Glitter Force. Need information? Well he tends to have it in spades even able to get ahold of a person’s DNA without the slightest fuss! Now speaking of Spades Glitter Spade/Mackenzie Mack is a native of Splendorius however while on Earth acts as a teen idol while searching for her princess. All in all the story is not terrible with the girls overcoming temperament, labels, and raising a flying magical baby named Dina they do alright.

The art is pretty much the exact same as that from the previous version save the buffoon nose being traded in for the Disdain symbol. However the only thing I really noticed was they used the voice for Candy from the first version as Glitter Heart for this version. Aside from that and the lessened importance of the extra glitter charms the series has not really changed a lot save the state of the other world was left in by the enemy and the method of summoning creatures. Luckily they try to cut down the transformation time which took too much time from the show….

Now all in all I like it but I have to admit it is not a great anime or even a good one but I can promise it is pure diabetes that slightly restores my hope in humanity a little. It’s not guaranteed for everyone but at this point with the state of my country… I think I’ll take any bit of sunshine I can get my dears. It’s a sweet show with morals I would be happy putting in front of children without a second thought. Granted I would have to later explain that babies don’t come from eggs but a lot of the lessons actually translate into everyday things that kids deal with or will deal with sometime or another. Now notice how I don’t separate male v female. Let kids express themselves and watch whatever things they like as long as it is ‘age appropriate’ if people are worried about gender roles so much they can stay with them on their own the next generation needs to learn they are capable of anything and shouldn’t be shamed for interests according to gender. With that my dears Glitter on and Goodnight my dears!! This Hatter is OUT!

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