Ever Oasis (3DS)

Hello my dears Glamour here sorry I’m a day late but things have been a tinge bit crazy with life so I’ve had to adjust a tinge my dears. Now without further delay let’s get started! Ever Oasis is a game I picked up a few days ago and got hooked almost as soon as I put it into my DS. After picking my gender and skin color I was greeted by a kind sibling and the small community built around said sibling’s oasis. Now you find out you and your brother are children of a special lineage have the ability to create and protect an oasis with the aid of a water spirit. During the downfall of the oasis your sibling sends you the very last hope away in hopes of protecting you. After that you are found by the water spirit Esme and set upon creating a paradise in the desert. You offer refuge for those wandering the desert however most of them ask for something in return for joining your oasis as residents. Meanwhile they run their shops, fight, gather materials, etc… as you run the map and restock their shops. All this contributes to the strength of protection keeping Chaos from destroying your piece of heaven in the desert.

Now I know you can tell I’m already in love with this game. The characters are plentiful and each one has its own interests and specialized skills to offer. Now while I love the variety it is slightly annoying that you have to switch them often to get through dungeons to get through varied obstructions… Luckily you can easily switch after you unlock the form party function a bit later than I prefer but better late than never I suppose. Moving on. Throughout the game play you are constantly gaining new characters, new functions, new shops, merchant, etc… Now I know what you’re thinking merchants and shops are the same right? Not in this game because you can’t buy from your own shops that act as your source of income and you get all your actual gear via synthesis or merchants (another thing that is late in my opinion but I digress).

Now let’s talk about some graphics and the battle system. The battle system is easily learned and relies partially on strengths and weaknesses of monster types based on weapon types. You also have the added bonus of special techniques and the wind power you have as a Chief seedling. This is able to be used to weaken enemies and also wipe out chaos plants. The very plants that showed up just before your sibling’s Oasis was destroyed! All in all your overall goals are to get lots of people to settle in your oasis and destroy the Chaos in all its forms. No matter how cute it is! Because I will admit everything in this game including most of the enemies are undoubtedly diabetes…. Everything is adorable and even the characters that resemble scorpions have soft edges unless they are chaos/enemies. Although even the chaos boasts an elegant seamless look which pulls everything together.

All in all I love this game and the only real advice I have during gameplay is to use your gale on everything at your oasis, stock the hell out of everyone, and once you can send out teams to explore DO IT!!! There are hidden items in the spring, sand piles, currency from shops, and you can use it to harvest food from the garden plots and trees (stronger gusts bring down bigger items). I only figured out it would work on the garden plots by accident honestly and now I just gust the hell out of everything. You can’t hurt those running around your oasis so you really have nothing to lose. Stocking the shops gives you more life when you are out of the oasis and helps with putting up special events through the game. And Exploration teams help you stock up by going to places while you head anywhere you need to sure you have to choose hunting items versus hunting creatures but it all works out since it frees you up from looking for things that are in areas that no longer pose a challenge to you but so-and-so needs lepard fur or cactus pulp or something like that. Long story short just do it. Anyways it’s another day my dears and time to go my loves! This Hatter is OUT!


About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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