11eyes (anime)

Hello dears Glamour here and I finally got the hang of using this iPad for writing! So after a little happy dance of my own creation I’m going to run through an anime I was curious about a while ago. Let’s get going!! The anime is called 11eyes and starts off with the sad scene of a sister commanding some entity to kill her little brother when they were all each other had left after their parents died and they were put into the system…but why? He had done no one harm in his so few years so why was this necessary? Easy. The harm he would come to inflict in the future. Now they fast forward to his teen years and he is going to school with a friend of his who was lucky enough to be adopted and also was able to stay in close proximity to him even going to the same school and most of the same classes together while he nurtured a minor crush on her. Too perfect right? Now as anime otaku and that we all now this is where shit must go wrong. There are no two ways around it…and of course it does. While strolling about on a lovely day the young man survived by his sister Satsuki Kakeru and his crush Minase Yuka find themselves in a strange version of the town their currently in where the sky looks red and the moon is dark in appearance. Aside from being moderately confused the kids are alright until these blobby loud creatures arrive attempting to kill them. They survive the first few occurrences of this by either running away or having someone else save their asses one such person being Misuzu Kusakabe a lovely, red haired, and gifted (in many ways) young priestess from a powerful family line. She possesses the five demonic swords held as family treasures earned through combat meaning she has all the skill required to use them. She brings some of the students of their school also carried into the alternate dimension that had earned the name ‘The Red Night’ while trying to figure out just what all this meant. What they came up with is that a female dressed in white trapped in crystal needs help and can only bring in these seven children to her aid. Her name is Lisette and she served under a man named Velad as a witch sharing a vision of what they thought would be a perfect world only to have herself trapped and her liege pass on with the Black Knights to make sure she never got free. Now how important is it to them that she not get out? Well how about giving up their humanity to stand guard in The Red Night with the side task of killing those Lisette is able to call to free her?

The environment is simple enough especially later on in the story when most of it revolves around Misuzu’s mansion and the school. Misuzu’s home acts as a safe haven from the creatures in and out of The Red Night and also provides a place for her to train Kakeru whom she has gone out of her way to save multiple times although in ways that made his primary love interest a little… let’s just call it uncomfortable… (insert clip from Yandere Simulator). Anyways after Kakeru becomes less useless but more unaware of the relationships going around him he becomes aware of skills he can use in his never-ending ideal to keep Yuka safe. Since he finds out the reason he has dual colored eyes like a husky is become that eye holds magical properties because of the one that beheld it before him. Meanwhile the other students including the pyro Takahisa Tajima and maid running dual blades with a really useful regeneration ability Yukiko Hirohara who find comfort in each other’s company.

Now while this all sweet sounding please keep in mind I’m keeping a lot of the juicier bits out not to spoil but in all honesty by the time you get to all the cute stuff in the anime and the big mental changes you’re just sitting there like ‘what the fuck?’ And wondering why the most useless person doesn’t just die already… It feels akin to a bad session of Dangan Ronpa where everything is upside down and the people you hate are the ones that get to live. There were a few times I was really rooting for one couple and the other I’m curious why one from the other couple is still around. After a while everyone’s script flips and suddenly everyone that was so strong and kick ass becomes pathetic. Now sure you find out some juice tidbits but when you have mellow drama that means absolutely nothing guiding the entire story or they have an entire episode run like the end of a dream sequence where something seemingly irreversible occurs but then they find out somehow ‘it really didn’t happen’ that was another point when I just wanted to drop it like a bad habit. The art is alright as far as the characters and black knights go but the run of the mill creatures look lame. I have literally (not figuratively) seen pudding more terrifying than those creatures. I’m pretty sure No Face wants his gimmick back. Anyways long story short. There are good points and bad points to this anime like any other….just not enough good ones to justify all the bullshit that goes on…. Like destroying tea for instance? Tea has suffered enough thank you being thrown into the Boston Harbor we do not need to put razor blades in it!!! Okay my Hatter tendencies aside I know this is not my best entry but then again this is not exactly a great anime so I digress. Anyways I’ll find a better one to post for next week my darlings! This Hatter is out!!!

My apologies my dears this review was set to be up much much sooner!! Forgive me it was saved as a local copy on my iPad and never made it to post til now!! Thank you my dears and goodnight!

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