The Royal Tutor (anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I am on leave at this time or for you not military people I’m on vacation!!! I was on a plane when I realized …. Oh fuck I didn’t write anything for my usual Monday post!! Now I already took my hiatus for the year so I am not about to slack now my dears!! So let’s get started with a series all about one person making the difference that could effect his entire country… and it all starts with something as simple as the relationship between a teacher and his students. Although the issues at hand are not that easy to deal with even being so simplistic in nature. In a way it is sort of like a small problem that has had time to get worse….  and of course this is being handled at the most troublesome yet most important time in the student’s life…. the infamous ‘teens’. Now let’s introduce the teacher his name is Kleine Wittgenstein despite his appearance he is a teacher of great merit despite never having attended university and his last job was teaching orphaned children it was a wonder and a mystery to many how a man like this was prescribed by the the King of Glanzreich himself as the Royal Tutor for his three sons (the three younger sons not the favorite for heir but we’ll get to that).

Kleine first arrives to the castle met with an odd reception due his appearance which is childlike in nature. Upon meeting the princes he didn’t necessarily expect a warm welcome but he did not expect the brothers to be challenges in way he was not able to previously find out from his prior information gathering. He expected that Leonhardt would be charming and good at sports….he did not expect that he got that way by running away from previous tutors. Bruno is a genius seemingly without equal until this tutor without a university showed him he was more than his equal… The result which I refuse to spoil was…in a few words… A complete 180. Kai the eldest of the brothers had a reputation for fighting in his military school and has a bone chilling stare…. Weirdly enough there was no metaphorical ice fortress to get through. Go figure. Licht was always seen in the company of ladies but was oddly enough a quick study with an earnest effort which was perfect for setting up an entire episode with his father being heavily involved which most of the brothers really did not have.

Now let’s talk about the environment a bit and throw things into perspective with one of my favorite episodes to mention ‘The Princes Go To Town’ where the boys accompany their teacher to town in the clothes of common men. They walk among their people to learn how they live, how money works, and even how they work together to help each other. Now this all contributed to what this lovely early German (no Hitler) esque kingdom needs in its princes thusly starting their development into proper candidates to become king because even with the eldest brother as the odds on favorite. King Viktor Von Glanzreich sees them all valid candidates and as their father sees them all as his lovely sons. Now to make a point I find paramount even though you rarely see King Viktor every time he shows up there is always a rather grand impact but it is my theory is because he acts as king and as a father to the best of his being however he also draws the line between them so far I doubt that even an Olympic pole vaulter could make it across. This gives him a sort of intensity that he gives his damnest as a father and king while seamlessly using his skills for a number of roles.

Now while I would love to prattle on about the royalty all day I absolutely must talk about Heine. A teacher with an odd stature has to make things work and even more so if there is someone like Ernst Rosenberg around who works for the eldest brother Eins as his steward and a count in his own right. The Count is willing to go to any and I mean any length to see that his candidate for ruler takes the throne even slander that could cast shadows and shame on the very family he is and would be serving! However obviously no match for Sensei Kleine who doesn’t even have to play into Ernst’s plans to leave him with less students and even has the grit to protect them in dangerous situations because of course no one expects a tutor that looks like a schoolboy to be armed and possibly deadly? Now this is the part where he proves something that I have always believed being ‘Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should’ in this he exercises this in multiple areas….Save maybe telling Leonhardt that he needs to study (which a lot of people have been telling him prior).

Now at this point I know what you’re thinking where is the growth for the teacher? How does he change and make the story come full circle? Well in a way he comes off as sort of cold save having great compassion for his students however when dealing with circumstances from his past including how he even met King Viktor his mettle is challenged not by how to approach the Princes but in how they reacted to his choice in dealing with the matter especially after he taught them so much. On top of that the ‘mysterious backstory’ and its backlash made my heart sink. Now if you have followed me for a while you know Glamour has all the feels and often so I know you’re wondering how this particular set of feels is different. Well in a way I must admit it in a way reminds me of myself and hell even about this trip I’m on. I’m in this airport on this Sunday morning waiting for a plane to meet someone who had turned my life around granted we both swear and made a lot more jokes but she took me from the reject to someone she could be proud of after that another person helped prop me up even further (I was still the department scapegoat due to convenience…) . Now I’m looking at being given responsibilities, training new people,and generally being more relied upon which makes me smile everytime someone mentions that they learned something because of me. Anyways I’m off to meet my own ‘tutor’ and replacement mom. Hm? What happened to the first one? You really don’t want to know. Anyways moving on! Aside from my link to the feels this anime is endearing and in a way reminds me of Ouran Highschool Host Club without everyone dating girls. Someone seemingly insignificant from humble origin comes in and turns the ‘Princes’ on their heads! The only difference is that the one who would possibly make a ‘Honey’ is female, not deadly and not in the running… Unless… you think of the Prince that loves cute things…. but that is for another time my dears. Also my loves if you got an email about this post prematurely please forgive me I’m working on this from my iPad and its really odd doing so but I do this for you guys and hope you have a lovely week!! Til next time this hatter is OUT!….Wait… what? What do you mean I already had Patrik The Vampire scheduled? Hmm… Oh well its a good day for doubles goodnight my dears!

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