Patrik The Vampire (web comic)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I found another original works comic that I love!! It’s an endearing tale about a man turned vampire and how he’s lived through the ages through sunlight, people, blood shortage, blood lust, constant job firings, and of course his own temper. Patrik Dokiychuk has been alive for 749 years at this point and has met a lot of people some not so happy that he’s there, some that don’t really care, and others that just never are able to get the words out. He has friends and dozens of hobbies including various tv shows, cooking, baking, knitting, the occasional handyman job, etc…

Now the storyline takes place in modern times but takes interludes into time periods with high significance. Briefly it shows the time spent with Patrik’s family his wife Danika and daughter Livia just before he was turned into a vampire. Another time period of note was his time with a female named Lara and her grandmother Rose. Now Rose was a lovely old lady that was completely fine with Patrik revealing to her that he was indeed a vampire however, Lara the overworked and not so beloved by her parents went absolutely mad. (In a bad way) The timeline is juggled nearly seamlessly between the three time periods so far and I only say nearly because at this time I have not seen a lot about the timeline with his wife and daughter or even his early days as a vampire save some unpleasant nightmares… The story also makes some quips about modern day culture along with some mentions of its common issues. Things as simple as gaining and keeping employment, relationships romantic or otherwise, desperation, Twilight (ewww) and of course most importantly…. remembering not to delete the contents of the DVR.

The modern set up however is the center stage where Patrik deals with being an everyday feline owner with a roommate (albeit a demon still a roommate) and a best friend named Becky. She’s a highschooler that works at a coffee shop he frequents that despite seeming like a bit of a ditzy girl has a few admirable qualities like being able to the see the best in others not limited to lame boyfriends and vampires with the temperament of a sad puppydog. She keeps him grounded to an extent and relies on him as well in turn.

The development so far is pretty steady gently leading your through what makes Patrik tick so to speak. Of course most of the change is through conflict of some sort which mostly comes with the shock when someone figures out that he is indeed a vampire but of course is not limited to that… Modern interests and even gooney boyfriends become a point of contention at times but hey what can I say? Accidents happen…and that is all I’ll say about that.

For being a comic about a vampire the art style is not as gloomy and dreary as you would expect. The colors are a rich fall palette and only really dip into the dark and dreary edge of it when Patrik has a ‘bad’ day. The comic is generally update with subtly slipped in somber tones every so often that hit you like a truck. He comes off as a guy who is like a big teddy bear even after making a lot of mistakes (hell after living for 749 years I would be more surprised if one didn’t make mistakes). However if you’re expecting a 24/7 emo vampire that thinks life is pointless since he’s been alive so long this is not for you. You would have better luck with Jack The American Ghost (not a vampire but the main character is depressed and hopeless 80 percent of the time, 15 percent of the time is spent in angst, and the remaining 5 percent is some small piece of hope.) Now if you want a vampire slice of life that cooks, struggles, has relationships, impulse control like a champ, wears sweaters, makes dad jokes and still has really cool looking hair then this is for you. I love it because it restores my hope in humanity a little bit even with the main character being a vampire. In a way he’s more human that most humans I know and the scene where he gets a bit tipsy didn’t necessarily hurt either.This comic is Hatter Approved so if it sounds up your alley be sure to check out the first link below! And if you really love it check out the other links below!! Well my loves good night and this Hatter is out!! (FIRST PAGE) Store links!

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