Love Tyrant (anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I want to talk about love!! Crazy, misguided, beautiful, ugly, and just plain old CONFUSING LOVE!…Or more specifically in this case the anime known as Love Tyrant! It’s an odd anime that I randomly became aware of on Crunchyroll now let’s get started!

We start at the home of Aino Seiji a run of the mill guy that happens to have blue hair and a girl dressed in goth Lolita clothes at his door named Guri. She claims if he doesn’t kiss her that she’ll die!! He shakes his head and closes the door until she calls all manner of noise and ruckus outside of his house. She explains after some misconceptions and misleading facts about her abilities and such that she’s really an angel that makes people fall in love. However…. Theres a problem she’s a bit misguided about love and is only interested in making gay male couples… Anyways she essentially gives new meaning to three makes a crowd when she makes a coupling of herself, Aino, and his crush Hiyama Akane. Who has secretly been holding a candle for Aino pretty much ever since they met with a bit of an extra surprise, YANDERE aka sweet strawberry haired concoction with a heavy dollop murderous intent. (If that sounded like some sort of dessert then I succeeded in my wording). Anyways moving on each episode it seems that more people are added to this ‘coupling’

Most of the females for this anime are reckless in one way or another while Seiji is just struggling to deal with them all he’s sort of reminiscent of Tenchi Muyo save the hair color, tan, and I would like to argue…. That Seiji gets injured more often.  Anyways while he seems to have things mostly under control even when a crazy rapist penguin goes after his sister. However of course the highlights are all the epiphanies and development that all the girls go through with. Whether it is dealing with restrictive parents or understanding themselves at the end of the day they all know they can rely on Seiji. Aside from the lovey dovey version of death note this show is your typical harem with awkwardness and add a dash of immortality. The only thing to be said about the art is that it is 100 percent diabetes.

All in all it’s a bit typical but doesn’t mean it’s not worth the watch. I find it very entertaining with the bloodshed, discovery, awkwardness, etc… The only thing I think is odd is that Seiji still loves the hell out of his childhood crush after he’s been stabbed by her and her family members on multiple occasions. I love the humor and the vengeance. Anyways that’s all for now my dears this hatter is out!!!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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