Brave Witches (anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and today I’m running another review on a series that seems to favor an underdog or in this case an underkitty! In this anime series girls with magic are called witches while sporting adorable animal characteristics. Females with these abilities tend to try to work for the military. Since the world is constantly dealing with the threat of the Neroi. Aliens that wreak havoc with means to come up with advanced strategies and even camouflage Brave Witches is following the story of a young witch named Karibuchi Hikari the younger sister of Takami who runs with the 502nd unit aka the Brave Witches. Now let’s get started.

To start off this story is all about Hikari who has stamina like a racehorse but not a ton of magic power which is typically something based on how much power you’re born with. Which makes school for someone like Hikari pretty difficult however when the military rounds up her classmates in the auditorium telling them that they need some fresh blood in their ranks Hikari and one of her classmates volunteer. However, they are only accepting one hopeful which is to chosen based on a small competition which leads to Hikari taking off with her sister which sounds lovely until the enemy attacks and to defend everyone elder sister Tamaki saves everyone and ends up in a coma for a while. In her stead Hikari requests to take her sister’s place in The Brave Witches. After some spills, odd training, a never give up attitude, and most importantly some well-placed taunting Hikari is accepted among the Brave Witches.

All in all the characters are pretty interesting since they have different abilities that suit each of them to a T. From the contact eye Hikari possesses that is combined with her nearly unlimited stamina so she could get close enough to glean information from the enemy. We also have a couple of witches so reckless they are often referred to as the ‘Break Witches’ one of which was Kanno Naoe a witch that is gutsy enough to simply go up and punch an enemy ship coming away unscathed (same can’t be said for her gear). Nipa and ‘Countess’ are also exceptionally reckless with their gear. Nipa can heal but only herself and Countess simply likes to show off for the ladies. Throughout obviously the story revolves around Hikari the underkitten and her growth from miniscule magic to running missions to saving the world from the Neuroi threat.

The art was pretty interesting when there were times when effects that made the anime look multi –dimensional were used. The effect gave a more rounded edge to the objects and characters involved which somehow looked very aerodynamic to my eyes. Another interesting thing I noticed was the old style vessels used. Since we’re talking sometimes years in the past we are looking at old school carriers with old school planes on them (this struck a chord with my husband). Now another interesting thing you can’t really miss is the shortness of the female’s jumpers to the point you can see their underwear. Simply I think it’s just something expected of them since they are airborne units that shouldn’t have to fret over a longer outfit or pant legs getting caught up in the machinery. What is really great is that no one really thought much of it or the fact that Countess was a major womanizer while being a lovely lady herself. The show also had some very relatable struggles even something like a mushroom that would cause nonstop laughing when consumed, being stranded because a mode of transport was frozen, even food shortages, and overprotective family members. (The only time watching a series that I was hopeful someone would end up in a coma). All in all I was very fond of this anime being a recent underkitten myself. I guess it’s just the knowledge that someone believes in you enough to give you a chance and/or pisses you off enough to refuse to let it slip away. It’s heartwarming and cute. I’ll admit it does follow a very common route of character development but I still think of it fondly. Anyways Hatter approved for a light hearted anime when you’re tired of titles like Attack on Titan (which has returned) and Elfen Lied (which should never return) have ripped out your heart, shoved it in a blender, puree, fed to a dog and shit out…. You can pick up whats left and have a little more faith in humanity again with this anime. Well that’s all for now my loves! Goodnight!


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