Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist (anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I’m running through an anime with a title that really screwed me up…. I can’t really imagine a world without anything pervy in it…. Hell within the first minute of the show starting a bunch of guys exchanging porn are raided…A guy was even tased! Touching the opposite sex is considered a crime… This is a world obsessed with morality to the point where everyone is fitted with collars that monitor word usage and bracelets that monitor hand movement.

So let’s get going! After getting into the high school he wants Tanukichi Akuma ends up on the student counsel with the girl of his dreams after a perversion terrorist strikes. While her best friend is known as Blue Snow running around nearly nude with panties on her face passing out pervy images! Crazily enough the boy gets recruited by Blue Snow in her mission to ‘educate’ people about the knowledge that has been lost for at least ten years (the time that this madness has been going on). While everything goes on it is explained Tanukichi and Blue Snow’s parents were arrested for acting against these rules. Tanukichi’s father protested them openly and Blue Snow’s were more …. Let’s just say in action. As they run rampant they enlist the help of Hyoka Fuwa a scientific mind/inventor that has no idea what personal space means. Her observation skills are top notch along with her innovative knowhow for creation. Otome Saotome an art savant liked to Edna Mould from the Incredibles with her ability, short stature, and hairstyle. Even with her hands unable to aid in the creation of her works she’s talented enough to draw with her mouth!

As the series goes on everyone gets more interested in the information they have been deprived. While the mother of Tanukichi’s crush (a girl named Anna) tries to throw the rules she initially put into place on with overdrive running. To add insult to injury Anna’s mother tries to add a chastity belt to the devices already monitoring everything people say and do. Now not to say that the bracelets are only useful to spy on people each has a built in computer able to be used for communication and internet use but at what cost? It is similar to what goes on with society today people are getting a lot more able in technology but also with what can be used to monitor and or limit it but we’ll get to that later.

The art is pretty normal although it is pretty unconventional on how it’s used… With improvised sex toys, fly sex, lingerie, etc…. I’m pretty sure if my eyes could have they would have fallen right out of the sockets while I figuratively laughed my ass off. Now aside from feeling oddly embarrassed after watching this anime. I like that it addresses things that a lot of media doesn’t really cover. Such as government making the choices for people in regards to their own bodies. Right now we are regulating what women do with their bodies in regards to birth control, children, etc… Hopefully it doesn’t get to that point with people just doing what they are told just because someone else did it. Although it was too long ago that people also freaked out about the Verizon thing. Now I don’t know about you but people regulating everything I do like say the right to watch porn if I want. I’m suddenly remembering that I’m happy I don’t buy any electronics out of South Carolina where they are working on a law called the Human Trafficking Act (yeah because obviously porn and human trafficking always go together…) which requires all electronics to be equipped with a program to block porn from devices purchased in that state.  Anyways enough about that if you’re looking for a laugh and something ultra pervy be sure to check out this anime. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t breathe for a good couple minutes every so often just because I couldn’t stop laughing. Good night my dears!

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