Seraph of The End: Vampire Reign (anime)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and today we are running through something that has been picking up a tinge bit of positive static lately. Seraph of the end contains a few interesting concepts paired with some chaos prone characters now let’s get to it! Now the world is as we know it quiet and peaceful until the children (13 and under) start to notice that all the adults and most of the teenagers are dropping like flies due to a disease. This left a lot of children including those at the Hyakuya Orphanage with no place to go. They are gathered up by vampires to be used as blood farms. The vampires even refer to the children and really any human they encounter. The kids run about with little black and white outfits, collars where they pierce them through the front of the throat to draw blood and no shoes. The two eldest Yuichiro (Yu) and Mikaela (Mika) watch over their patchwork family until the day they decided that they should escape. So as Mika gives his blood to a noble in exchange for special favors for his family he steals a weapon and map from his home. They make it past most of the guards only to get caught and most of their family slaughtered. Only Yuichiro makes it out of the fortress to be met by the Japanese Imperial Army. Everyday plagued by the sacrifice of his family he devotes his life to reaping revenge for them. After some heavy training he is finally accepted along with a few other interesting cases Yoichi Saotome (not related to Ranma) and Shiho Kimizuki. Both of high skill however in it for their own reasons.

It’s one of those series that starts off slice of life until shit inevitably hits the fan. Now to get into the characters I have to call out Yu right quick he is essentially the Harry Potter of the series. Loyal but he’s the asshole that gets others in really shitty situations. He has ‘hidden ability’ which makes him special but other than that he’s kind of unoriginal. Honestly the only thing he brings to the table as far as storywise is his connections and actions bring trouble to everyone he comes across. Yoichi is sort of the Neville of the series he’s smart but quiet he’s incredibly skilled and talented but comes a long way almost unnoticed because everyone is focused on Yu. He starts as one of the weakest characters and easily becomes one of the more vital characters in battle even accepting that it might even fall on him to kill his own comrades if there is a threat of them falling prey to the enemy. Not to say he has killed an ally as of yet (still ongoing) but let’s not forget the main enemies being dealt with are vampires that will drink up their allies and dismember them for fun. Not unlike the creatures in Blood C {cringes}. Hell this kid watched his own sister killed as he hid under the bed which sparked this need to step forward however its more of a need to protect. Now we also have Kimizuki who joined up as another hopeful because his sister needs medical care. Watching over them are Mitsuba and Shinoa charged by Guren Ichinose a higher up that is somewhat of a double sided blade in his motives and execution.

The art is pretty typical even the times when the demon arms chat up their wielders they use an empty space which is pretty common. The only thing I really found interesting was how they don’t really hide anything save the nudity. In a way I wish they would make it a little more bloody…but again not as much as…Blood C {cringe}…. Anyways I’m interested to see where this anime goes and recommend it for new comers or those ‘sweet’ people that insist anime is just for kids. I’m pretty certain you have them watch the escape attempt their tune will have surely changed… Anyways off to bed with me my dears and thanks for hanging in there during the hiatus!! Goodnight my darlings!

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