The Creepy Hollow Series – Emerson’s Story

Hello there dearest Hatters! This past Saturday marked year one of me joining A Hatter of the Details (Yay me). Since my first post was about the Creepy Hollow series, it’s only right that I’m back reviewing the seventh book in this magnificent series in honor of this anniversary.

Thanks to the fabulous author, Rachel Morgan, I was graciously sent an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) of Glass Faerie a couple of days before it’s official release. Let me tell you, as soon as that ebook hit my email, all other obligations were put on hold. Landry – forget about it. Food – order in. Husband asks if I want to finish reading my book or watch the TV show The Magicians  – *Gives him a confused look for a few seconds and then returns focus back to book*  Not to mention I’ve been desperately waiting for this book to be released for MONTHS. With all my theories, I needed answers. Pronto.

With the release of the seventh book in the Creepy Hollow series, we readers start a new tale in this fae world. Who’s our main hero you may ask? Introducing Emerson Clarke, who has been raised to believe she is a human for seventeen years, only to find out in she’s actually a faerie and magic is real. When her extraordinary magic is revealed to her in the worst circumstances, Emerson is taken to the fae realm by freshly inked Guardian, Dash (Raven and Flint’s son, who is no longer the wee baby we met in A Faerie’s Revenge – Creepy Hollow 5). Despite finding out about the fae realm, Emerson wants out of this crazy new confusing place. Having to cope with the new world – which seems to include her irritating nemesis that is Dash – the clock ticks as Emerson has to figure out how to deal with her Griffin Ability and magic, to prevent irrevocable events from taking place. With focusing on her one goal of getting back to a normal life, will Emerson learn how to control her Griffin Ability and return to her human life or will she be doomed to spend the rest of her days in the fae realm and/or on the run from those who want to use her for her magic?

For me, Glass Faerie was a pretty quick read. With only 214 pages, it’s no wonder why I breezed right through it in a few hours. However don’t let the length fool you; this book is jam-packed with faerie goodness. The way Morgan writes her YA Fantasy makes it effortless for readers to get attached to her stories. There are magical battles, blurred lines between good and evil, and new characters to root for in book 7. Almost instantly, I found myself needing to know more about Emerson and her life or seeing the type of faerie Dash grew up to be. It’s also pretty neat to see a third generation of Guardian faeries and how they function in a position that has gone through so much change in such a sort period of time (especially for a magical beings that can live for hundreds of years). Along with the new characters we still get to see our lovable bunch from books 1-6 to include Violet, Ryn, Calla, Chase and more.

Overall, after reading Glass Faerie, I was left with many questions and given a few answers for my theories. Nevertheless, I’m sure my questions will be answered in the following novels to come. As of now, the books 7-9 in are set to be in Emerson’s POV.

Glass Faerie will release on April 11, 2016.

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on a copy, the following link is to do just that:

Bright side: at least you don’t have endure the excruciating wait for Glass Faerie like I did (well worth the wait though). And if my memory serves me correctly, Book 8 is scheduled to be release sometime in the Fall of this year. So thankfully it’s not too long of a wait for the next one. *Inner me laughs maniacally while weeping due to false pretenses of the previous sentence* If you haven’t guessed by now, I rate Glass Faerie a 5 of 5 Stars for it’s creativity and amazing-ness! Well Hatters, I’m off to cure this book hangover by reading another book  – while I longingly wait for the next novel in the Creepy Hollow series. Until next time! 🙂


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