Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Hello my dears I’ve been all over this games and its adorable!!! Harvest Moon has been back and forth between names and whatnot so of course I had to get this game!! Still has all the loveable cute creatures you remember and not just one town to run amok in but three! I know that was a no brainer since the title already says so. Now let’s go!

After choosing your appearance you go through a brief flashback before showing you as the elder child of a normal nuclear family. Your Dad talks about moving somewhere far away but there is the matter of a farm that was in your family that needs to be dealt with. You bring up to your parents that you want to work on it by yourself. Your dad is not too happy about it after so much bloody resistance he finally agreed to it. Of course it came with the condition that you had to prove your abilities to your Dad when he sends you three lists of objectives to complete. So he entrusts your care and start as a farmer to your Uncle Frank. A large gentle giant of a man that gives you your starter gear and checks on you every so often. Telling you about contests, the care of your animals, your Dad’s task lists, etc…

You have a plethora of characters to make friends with as you increase town rank by doing multiple errands for the townspeople which in turn unlocks the other two towns after starting out with West Town. After upping your rapport with the town and meeting certain requirements you unlock Lulukoko the island style town followed by Tsuyukusa which is of course the Japanese styled town. Like in other games of this genre you can have the various events to bond with everyone including my prospective husband Ludus <3. You even get to give yourself a bit of ‘personality’ by customizing your look after expanding your house to include a closet. You can even change your hairstyle shortly after Tsuyukusa becomes available.

The graphics as always are gentle looking and seamless… Unlike Grim Dawn. If you read my last review I was not too taken with that game…but enough about that. The way everything meshes together even with towns of three vastly different themes working together while you change the landscape of your farm to your liking. Not so much like the last Harvest Moon which seemed like a farm heavy version of Mine Craft with better graphics. All in all it’s an easy game to learn however the hardest part is getting the proper materials. Certain things are not available until certain seasons especially those that you need to progress in the game. Another hard part was working on the quality of crops to increase star values. Working on the animals is easy with the use of treats, petting, brushing, etc… according to whatever animal you’re dealing with. For plants it’s a little harder since you only have the season and then you need to move onto the next set of crops. However the only ways to deal with plants is with fertilizer (which you can make with better quality via fertilizer maker) and seed maker which makes use of the progress you made with your previous crops by using them to make new seeds… This unfortunately will take forever but it’s a necessary evil. Other than that it’s pretty easy to get money and such. Also another pain in the butt is the lengthy process of upgrading your gear. This is only because you are only allowed to mine in each area a limited number of times.

All of this brings about a lot of different things to do including the different contests including the new fashion contest and the cooking contest has changed. You no longer take in a premade dish you instead make your dish on the spot! I’m guessing its so people don’t cheat by bringing in a bought dish and you get the chance to actually make something fresh on the spot. All in all this game is an excellent time kill. A vibrant, fun, and peaceful time kill. Of course it goes without saying that this game is Hatter approved! As always I got the physical copy which this time comes with a cute little capybara stuffed animal! You don’t really need it…. but I love showing it to my husband and tell him that it looks like him. Anyways that’s all for now my dears goodnight my darlings and happy gaming!

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