Griefer Belt (Web Comic)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and as always I’m feeling sooooo enthusiastic about anything with blood, dismemberment, and a sense of humor! Griefer Belt has been giving me a steady supply of all three! So let’s get started my dears! The Griefer Belt is a business that ‘assists’ people get hard to get items of the anatomical persuasion. Long story short they are an organ smuggling outfit also working as swords/guns for hire because you can’t just leave those bodies to decay after the battle can we?

Moving on the man running the belt is a man by the name of Lars Van Allen well sort of… He is the heir to the belt formerly run by his mother Ophelia Van Allen. Who does not approve of the particular way Lars lives his life or runs the belt in her absence…. Since gay sons rarely produce heirs for the family business. Her son Lars is constantly doting on whatever newest lover with the newest most fashionable clothes while adding some pieces to his already growing wardrobe. He flirts like a madman whenever he’s not wrapped up in the affairs of the belt be it selling organs to hospitals, dealing with police or delivering ‘product’ to a rich version of Hannibal Lecter (Who happens to be infatuated with his mother). He’s working with Scott a handsome young man that was ordered as a hitman on one of Lars’ own men. Scott almost killed Lars last boytoy and impressed so much he was instantly hired on! In exchange for letting his old favorite live of course… He does good work bringing in the bacon so to speak and has become Lars new boytoy.

Throughout the story its mostly the everyday life of the life of the leader of an organ smuggling ring with the threat of the family business going to someone else, PR, moody jilted lovers, etc… He’s been raised to take lives and take on running the belt since he was a boy so of course he’s a perfect killer with the allure and grace to make it look good. Meanwhile the new hire Scott is just figuring out where he fits in with this new outfit. He’s not particularly graceful or elegant like Lars but more of a…. blonde, human, less tragic version of Logan from X-men. At this point and time the story is still in the ‘getting to know you’ stages.

The environment does not really play a crazy role in the story as of yet but I’m really intrigued by the relationships between the personalities I’ve seen. Seong the babyfaced killer who takes a 1200 dollar pair of shoes to work, Addie the woman behind the computer making sure the belt is financially secure with a crush on a hitwoman, the list goes on but this is a series I’m really excited about! Now fair warning there is a bit of smuttiness in this series for those worried about the children (boohoo I saw a but cheek or some sexy abs I may cry! Not).

The art is clean looking but the nuances in the colors used sets up everything perfectly. Even the animals that show up even briefly show admirable detail. Now to sum it up I’m expecting a lot of great material from Griefer Belt. Even been contemplating becoming a patron on Patreon for him. Now speaking of which…. Don’t forget to support your favorite artists on Tapastic by using coins to tip on the app or if you have cash to spare and want some extra content be sure to check out the patreon link below! Just be sure to tell him Glamour from sent you! Also of course the link for the comic is also below enjoy my dears and obviously this comic is Hatter Approved my darlings! Good night my dears this Hatter is OUT!….Okay I’ll be honest here I totally just added myself to the crime boss tier on the patreon! Which means if you check out the main site you’ll see a gif of yours truly!! Good night my dears!

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About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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