Chaos Dragon (anime)

Hello my doves! You’ve got Glamour and let’s talk about an anime I just ran through in a hurry because there were only 12 episodes! Although you know I’ll give my best for it my darlings! Now let’s start with the island of much debate a small place (we know it to be small because they keep telling us) called Nil Kamui. This small island is a nation all on its own until the Nation of Kouran launches an attack against the ruling family.

The King and Queen are dead survived by their son Ibuki who is prophesized as the Child of Contract. The ally nation of D’natia was not of much help until the Red Dragon aka the Guardian Deity of Nil Kamui absolutely loses it. So the Nations of Kouran and D’natia end up teaming up with the last known descendant of the Imperial family of Nil Kamui to stop the Red Dragon’s rampage by any means necessary. However you notice something about everyone involved….

Ibuki can wield tremendous power to destroy powerful enemies with ease but to take the life of an enemy he must first offer a life he values in the most twisted version of equivalent exchange…. Swallow a man of noble lineage who’s family went under since he breaks everything he touches however he pushes whatever item to the brink before doing so or else using it to its full potential. He is from the nation of D’natia and in exchange for his aid in this endeavor his own country’s guardian deity offered to remove his curse and a place among his Black Dragon Knights. Lou Zhenhua is a calculating woman from the nation of Kouran who worships the blade she carries and her only joy is feeding her ‘Lord’. Eiha is a ‘bonded’ a person with a link to a creature companion. Lives of bonded and their companions are notoriously short due to sharing a life span which is partially why people look down on them as second class citizens…( the other part is because people are assholes). All in all these people are the main focus of a small task force composed of people from all three nations to stop the bat shit dragon god that is going around killing everyone.

During the wanderings of the crew Ibuki goes through a number of revelations and epiphanies all too slowly. Due to the slaying of his family he resolves that making himself and his nation as less of a threat will solve the problems of his nation taking the route of pacifism until he is thrust right into it. In the midst of it all he is forced to take the life of his friends in exchange for the power to protect others. Hell the first couple episodes are all about sacrificing people for the greater good. Which is obviously a bit shitty but there is a message there especially when dealing with the value of life and his impact on others with his actions and lack thereof. Now this is why I say he learns his lessons too slowly Ibuki being a pacifist really doesn’t want to hurt anyone however he’s somewhat clever when trying to save the things that matter most like Eiha who for some reason had a death wish…However for this series it was not uncommon for people to march upto Ibuki demanding he kill them so their deaths actually mean something. It is not until the end he figures out not everyone should live and violence is sometimes the answer.

Eiha was another character I really liked even though she had a death wish although I sort of hated her at the same time. She was lovely girl even if she was outcasted for being a Bonded, loyal, kind, strong, everything you would want in a girl and a great singing voice to boot! Now the only reason I hated her and a lot of characters in this series was that they all just wanted to die! Ok ok ok…I know what you’re thinking “Glamour you’re in the military right? I thought that you would understand that!” Now before everyone tries to call me a hypocrite or whatever just wait until the end and I’ll explain my view point on this particular thing.

The artwork was kind of typical for an anime. Nothing was particularly mind shattering about it since I mostly got that the artist loved drawing things at various angles, jiggly chest parts, or making a couple of interesting creatures here and there like an albino snake with a pretty pink bow and elephants with crazy rows of sharp looking teeth. I also figured the artist liked hinting at particularly gorey deaths by teasing looks at scenes we assume are gruesome since a woman had to be ID’ed by her body and a man stabbed the shit out of himself followed by gouging his own eyes out. Of course there were more instances but those happen to stick in my mind at the moment…

All in all this is not a great anime but the message is pretty clear. Actions of individuals can really change things even more so if they don’t do anything although those that don’t do anything…tend to regret it later when things go awry like the pacifist Ibuki. Now that’s not to say kill everyone in sight. Far from it help the downtrotted, the hurting, the sorrowful, etc… Everyone can make an impact. Now to pick up on the topic from earlier…

People go into the military for different reasons pay for college, insurance, steady check, etc… Some go in because they have nothing left so some might join looking to throw their lives away. I’ll admit I’ve never met anyone like that because usually everyone I meet is also in no hurry to die because we have shit to live for too. Now this gives a sacrifice more meaning in a way because people join knowing they might not come back but also knowing it would have been worth it for whatever reason. Here lies Seaman Johnny…He liked to golf and play with his hamster (kids in the barracks usually don’t get to keep pets) He leaves behind his grieving parents Joe and Jane Navy and heartbroken girlfriend Miss Barracks Bunny. Anyways long and short of it is suicide or running to death is never good so please talk someone you trust before making decisions that might hurt those around you like taking your own life. Now there are obvious exceptions to that but I’m not going to go into Kevorkian and/or Schroedinger here so to close this off. This is not a great anime unless you want to teach someone the value of their actions. Well with that my dears I’m heavily contemplating the value of a nap my dears! Goodnight and this Hatter is OUT!

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