Space Dandy (anime)

Hello my darlings you’ve got Glamour and I’ve got…a dilemma. You see I’ve just watched all 28 episodes of this anime and I’m still not really sure what to say about it…. Space Dandy is about an alien hunter to get them register and his name actually is Dandy. He runs around with his cute yet outdated robot QT that has not but updated in ages. They are joined by a cat like alien with a really weird name so everyone just calls him Meow. Dandy is not particularly good at Alien Hunting but he does every so often get a nugget now and then….Now let’s get to it!

So in the vast reaches of space where humans are far and few between there is Dandy and how he is still alive is a mystery honestly…Luckily it is a mystery that is actually answered in the short series. Now when I first watched it I needed a carjack to lift my jaw back up because I was really confused how there was supposed to be 28 episodes if he blows up the planet he’s on just to earn money to go to a titty bar called ‘Boobies’. Yes you read that right BOOBIES. The place even looks like a pair of boobs positioned oddly…. Now at first I was just floored that the episodes could got for 20 minutes each with all the mania and how often they died to something messed up happened to the main cast; getting blown up, getting pulled into multiple dimensions, turned into zombies, and constantly getting beaten up! At first it is all shenanigans although after a while you start to actually see Dandy as a person. He starts to show care about things like the emotions of a little girl, the dying wish of a lonely little dog, etc… I was surprised and in awe then the show goes back to his derp to bring him back down again. Meanwhile he’s unaware that he’s being tracked and hunted by the Gogol Empire. They are constantly after him claiming he is somehow the key to the mysteries of the universe.

In terms of character development there are really no changes to the character really its mostly just what the person watching gets to see from Dandy and his crew from different aspects. He is not necessarily always an asshole but he does misunderstand things constantly. However he is easily misunderstood himself (refer to courtroom episode). No matter what he’s faced with he’s never really wavered in his values as shifty as they might be…. (aka Boobies). Now aside from the constant shenanigans I do admit to seeing some heart in certain episodes like the one about the previously mentioned lonely dog or while helping a little girl find her family. Long and short of it is even perverts can be somewhat decent (he’s not a ‘chomo’ so he’s alright also we do not tolerate or advocate chomo just to get that out/we can be pervy but not crossing that line!! Moving on!!)

The art when we are drawn away from the main cast is pretty interesting while looking at different aliens and their worlds. One I particularly liked was a planet of nothing but intelligent plant life. The way the planet looked how you could tell the demographic of the plant characters demonstrated by how they looked like the differences between the scientist plant and the entertainer plant. Also the different species were as varied as their situations and the references to a lot of things from American and Japanese culture. I eventually just stopped counting references after a while but nearly died on some of them from Star Wars, High School Musical, and even a dancing alien named Tom Jravolta (John Travolta for all you young folk).

Now here is where things get tricky…Overall I am not even sure myself about what to rate this anime. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it….. You have to watch it in its entirety to understand but is it worth the ride? On this I surrender to a verdict of…I have no fucking clue. This short series is so mind fucky with soft touches here and there accompanied by interesting artwork (and girls with boobs like cows) because apparently after following the example of our dearest Princess Leia (The Empire and The Rebels both lost a Princess that day L) because the girls didn’t bother with bras. All in all I enjoyed it but I’m hesitant to say have at it since senses of humor are varied what with people being all ‘save the children’. Also I kind of foresee that people with less patience than myself would quit after the first episode and not get to the parts that actually make Dandy a good guy. With that I leave the dilemma in your hands dear readers but I’ll gladly answer (almost) any questions you have about this series to assist! Until then I’m taking my ass to bed! Goodnight my dears Hatter out!

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