Haikyu!!! (anime)

Hello my dears! You ever try at something really hard and then end up horribly disappointed? That’s sadly how this anime I’m running through starts out.

Shoyo Hinata was a kid in middle school who pretty much made up his entire team of his school’s volleyball team. Meaning he put it together and was the only person that really gave his all in the tournament which ends as you would expect….Terribly. Shoyo and his team went against one of the stronger teams right off the bat, which included a player often referred to as ‘The King’(Tobio Kageyama) . Shoyo overall is a happy go lucky kid as long as he’s in proximity of a volley ball with a constant drive to be like his idol ‘Little Giant’. Tobio’s nickname didn’t work out as well as you think it would. He’s a young man with cold eyes often seen as inconsiderate by his team mates. So he sort of loomed over them like a dictator or a much hated king due to his presumed ‘greatness’. His reputation for not being a ‘team player’ meant he was refused entry into the high school he originally applied for, thus landing him on the same team as Shoyo Hinata.

So at Karasuno High School these two are ready and raring to make a name for themselves…Until they realize they would have to work together….. This again goes as well as you would expect…meaning not very well at all. Bad enough even to warrant the two getting denied entry into the volleyball club until they prove they can get along. Obviously they get through that otherwise there would really be no point to going on with the show.

The series goes through the different motivations of the team exploring the varied traits of high school athletes in different parts of their lives. It’s endearing and the hits the players sustain honestly and sincerely make you cringe. I found myself learning about volleyball a bit but not enough to express interest in playing or going any further than the anime. In all honesty the saving grace of this anime is the humor aspect constantly in place along with the player’s emotional growth. However, I must admit mostly I’m just curious how Shoyo has managed to survive this entire time with his school so far from home, constant injury, and let’s face it he’s one of those protagonists lacking a sufficient amount of grey matter to begin with so being injured and shaken like a maraca does not necessarily help anything. Yet, fortune favors the bold with dreams of grandeur and of course kids with crazy idols like a shorter volleyball player Shoyo admired known as ‘Little Giant’.

I wish there was more to say about this anime since I did enjoy it but I can’t really call it anything but weaboo fodder where teenage boys behave like teenage girls. This is one of the anime titles I decided to check out because I’m curious about what draws in the new generations of weaboos and future otakus. It admittedly has some heart to it but I can’t with a good conscience Hatter approve it like being admittedly curious about which direction the story goes onto eventually… I’ll admit I have a teensy bit of bias against sports (notice my lack of sports game reviews and hatred of blitzball) but I was successful in not letting that obscure my judgement. Although be that as it may still can’t do it but I think the show has great potential with a lively group of personalities on the volleyball team of Karasuno High. Goodnight my dears!

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