A Matter of Life and Death (Web Comic)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and I’m got my not so recent obsession that I’m going through today! This is in some ways a common topic in the way that everyone thinks about life and death fearing and or loving the idea of those things. Others simply wait to see what will become of them through it. The way this topic is not so common is because no one thinks about what Life and Death would be personified. That’s what I love about this web comic it sees Life, Death, and everything in between as actual people or in this case people/gods likening them to the Greek Pantheon. Which I find pretty interesting since the characters are a kaleidoscope of personalities.

The story obviously centers around the immortals Life and Death that are often at a stale mate because Life can’t get over the fact that Death’s job is to end everything he ever created. Death however admires Life but can never get himself to talk to him speaking of events from long ago (according to the story approx. 500 million years) where they actually got along. So it’s interesting to watch that unfold while creatures called blights that cause strife among humans if left unchecked start behaving in a strange manner. By strange I mean increased numbers, increased thought capacity, and strength improvement as well its essentially like giving a bunch of zubats some sort of device to amplify their echolocation to the point where it could kill people instead of slightly annoying them.

Now let’s get one misconception out of the way while we are ironing out details the creator of this series is cleverly not giving into the ground by not immediately shipping Life and Death right away. The story is not one of those hot and heavy Twilight Romances where they jump into bed as soon as possible. It is a lot more realistic in its view of love, relationships, trust, etc… All very good things to take away from the story. Even in the side comics the importance of relationships and the little things are not downplayed in the interest of the hot and sweaty. Now don’t get me wrong its not like I’m a girl opposed to yaoi (obviously I’m not) but I do like that they put more emphasis on the relationship and its workings. Which draws heavily into the workings of character development.

The environment is combined with three different dimensions Ithis the area of the immortals, Nim the Land Down Under and The Mortal Realm where you and I live. The characters freely move between Ithis and the Mortal Realm while only Death is the only one able to travel to and from Nim freely among the current character line up. So far we have only really seen two of the realms used while the other is merely mentioned and somewhat feared as the territory of ‘Lord High Destroyer Nim’ and populated by blights.

With two art styles used in the series I am very fond of the artwork with the personifications of different ideas, factors, etc… So they all look different and exude their ‘elements’ if you will perfectly not only in form but also in action. Another thing I love about the art are the battle forms. Death looks a little typical save the scythe however no one probably expected that Life would be sporting a high tech arsenal even when the teleport ability for all the immortals is similar in form to pieces of computer code being reduced to smaller pixels. Hm? What do I mean by Life is sporting a ‘high tech arsenal’? I mean that he sprouts mechanical gauntlets, cannons, guns, etc… fully formed from his body like Athena from the head of Zeus however I’m not sure Zeus can boast robot style eyes in battle mode.

At this time I’m really curious about what is coming up next for this comic since this is one of the comics I stalk on my tapastic app… So if you like what I’ve been saying here be sure to check it out on tapastic and patreon. Patreon as you may or may not know is where you can directly donate to artists and help them put out the material you love! Tapastic is awesome as well especially since the app now allows for tipping so you can use coins to show appreciation for your favorite artists and help them out even if you are broke or otherwise financially bound. All in all it’s a great comic refreshing events with interesting side comics and a whimsical art style! Obviously Hatter Approved my dears good night my dears and be sure to check the links below!!


Tapastic (first episode)

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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