Overlord (anime)

Hello my darlings Glamour here and a while ago something odd caught my eye on Facebook. It was an anime where a skeleton styled mage was grabbing the chest of a succubus character and everything was heavily awkward! I laughed and looked for the name of the anime….however I’ll admit I forgot about it for a while until I was running through Hulu. So I decided to check it out of course! Now let’s get going!

The last member of the guild of Nazarick, Momonga awaits the end of the game he had been playing for a long time name Yggdrasil; a game that he played with his guild of 41 members until he was the last one left. Everyone left at one time or another because they had lives to live or their characters perished. However, even under Momonga’s valiant watch, the servers were set to shut down. Although all did not go according to plan… Momonga figured out that he couldn’t log out and all of a sudden everything started changing. The NPCs were talking, The Great Tomb of Nazarick moved to flatlands, he couldn’t get ahold of the game’s admin, even aspects of himself had changed. It was as if he was in another world altogether,yet it was somewhat similar to Yggdrasil. So he takes the effort to learn about the land and make his mark in it to rule it so he puts into place multiple plans to do so. Now let us talk about the character development.

Even just after the clock goes past midnight there are a few changes that take place right away. The interface changes and even his own functions change. As soon as Momonga or as he is later called ‘Ains’ gets overly emotional his entire body glows and he instantly calms the hell down. Instantly he also steps up to keep Nazarick in order and makes preparations to keep it safe while again doing recon and dealing with the locals in a way that makes it seem like everything he was doing was simply second nature from bonding with natives to dealing with his own troops…(especially with keeping everyone in line). Which is not easy when nearly everyone in his team sees humans as inferior beings (especially the females) .

What I find interesting is the interactions between NPCs and also how they interact with Ains. Since most of the NPCs were created by Ains comrades they bear resemblance to them and in some ways act in ways likened to the very people that created them. One of the best examples is with the relationship between Aura (one of the Twin Dark elves) and Shalltear, the vampire. The two argue to no end while their creators are brother and sister that of course often argue. Another interesting example was the character seen in only one episode known as Pandora’s Actor an NPC made by Ains himself. He stands guard of the vault containing Nazarick’s most valuable and deadly item, although he runs around like Micheal Jackson with a mask saluting every other step. I sort of found it hard to take him seriously and also made me speculate what kind of person Ains was prior to the reality shift.

The art was varied and interesting since they had to make the people that are usually bad guys into good guys since the undead or inhuman are usually denoted as ‘bad’. Which is interesting. I did like the parts where powers were used like the maids of varied abilities or Shalltear’s transformations for any occasion. The Lolita, the red knight, and what was most interesting was the ‘lamprey’. However it is not my favorite transformation. Demiurge who comes off as more of a demonic butler vs Sebas (just Sebas not Sebastian from Black Butler) that looks like a giant lizard when he unfurls his wings to fly.

The characters just make me giggle with each of their newfound quirks which draws me to something that hurts especially since the series ends on a cliff hanger (they only put out 13 episodes). So even though I love it the only reason I can’t Hatter approve it is because it ends far too soon when we were left for so many bloody questions!! Which kills my soul!!!! My darlings after I found out where the series left off (back in 2015 no less) I nearly ATE MY HAT!! I already bonded with the characters only to find out that the series cut off just when it was getting good!! If you don’t mind the heart break, I do recommend it which is sort of making me consider possibly starting a new rating system for my reviews. At this point a brainstorm is imminent and so is a nap for this Hatter, my loves!! Goodnight my dears!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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