The Golden Compass (2007)

Genre: Adventure Movie

Hello my dears! I know you’ve missed me even – if you don’t say so – and I’ve missed you all, but I’ll save having you all hear it a thousand times, my darlings. Now I know what you’re thinking, Glamour you’ve just returned to us and you bring us a movie from back in 2007 right after the brand new year? Well my dears that is a very good question. It came out two years after The Chronicles of Narnia which was only a shame because I thought it was a religious film… but after all these years I found it quite the opposite. However, that is not the reason I chose this particular topic… I simply chose it because I felt like it! Now onto the story my dears.

After a short introduction to the Earth, another dimension details that people’s souls in this movie act in as familiars – tied together and feeling all the things the other feels. They are called demons, but are not as scary as one would think (as evidenced by the early scenes of children playing with their demons).

And with that we open the story to the young miss Lyra Belaqua playing with some children in a field like any other day carefree and a little mischievous, using her wit to get the better of a group of kids. Shortly after she counters an attempt on her Uncle’s life, when a man from an organization known as ‘The Magisterium’ attempts a heinous little trick. The curious Lyra saves her beloved Uncle Asriel from the impish man’s ploy but in the process starts learning about things that bring about friction in the world. One little word to upset the balance and the foundation of the biggest organization and everything they stand for (not unlike the Nazi’s using force and whatever means necessary to maintain control). Obviously no one likes to be dethroned so they decide to put up a fight in any way they could. Now before I hit another important mention I would like to explain the Magisterium. The Magisterium for this set up is a large organization that is in place to keep people in line and has a great amount of teachings to assist in such a matter along with armed associates and heinous machines. The best way I can explain it would be to give Illuminati a megaphone and a motivation not unlike manifest destiny also add the guise of being ‘friendly and safe’  whilst the drive to spread their own influence to the other worlds is paramount.

Although another big item of notice is the mention of the Gobblers, a group feared due to their kidnapping of multiple children. Meanwhile Lyra is learning about the forces at play outside of the safe haven which is the University her Uncle leaves her at while pursuing knowledge. While her Uncle is away she is also approached by a Mrs. Coulter played by the stunning Nicole Kidman who is a woman that upon arrival stopped an entire table of scholars’ midsentence. She’s charming, take charge, and lovely everything a young girl dreams of being…. Until she sees the true colors of the woman with the monkey demon and takes to her heels (doing something horrid then blaming it on another). After being saved from capture she goes on a journey to find the missing children aided by a gift from the college. She recruits aid from an exiled armored polar bear and a sharp shooter with a dirigible and a long eared fluffy demon.

Throughout the story it shows the changes in the girl, her demon, and the effect that the girl has on others especially the armored bear Iorek Byrnison. I loved how he regained what he lost and they both supplied each other with courage. For him to reclaim his birthright and in her pursuit for the truth. Lyra constantly steps upto the plate to see everything for what it is with or without her entrusted device. After watching the movie I have decided to pick up the books that go with it. Now I was not entirely honest about why I chose this book. I feel that today’s youth could benefit from a bit of perspective in courage that they don’t often go over in today’s programming the mastery of one’s own fear, making a proper argument, using wit over brawn to get through situations, and that just because something has been around a long time doesn’t mean it is the only and or best option. Now does that mean that I’m looking for kids all over to stop brushing their teeth and going to bed on time just because their mom or dad said to? Not the case but some skepticism when dealing with things of great import and when things look fishy is always a very good trait. Like being weary of a snake oil salesman only on a much larger scale. However, it’s not enough to be weary but to also validate the weariness and if the need arises to argue your point which unless you live under a rock happens quite often and too often have I had to correct spelling, grammar, tell some twit that someone correcting them is trying to help them and of course telling a twit ‘ Hello twit, you’re being a twit.’ All that aside valuable life skills and I think it’s good for kids even if there is some mild gore in it along with some slight alcohol usage then again you may or may not know I’m not really with the ‘Save the Children!’ gambit since I think learning things early in a safe environment beats learning things far too late on a field that’s very advantageous…to someone else. Well goodnight my dears and let me know how much you love this Hatter approved movie!!!

NOTE: When I am able I will also be reading the books this movie comes from including The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass or as it is also known ‘His Dark Materials’ all authored by Philip Pullman.

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