Miss Peregrinne’s Home for Peculiar Children (Books)

Well hello my darlings! I have something quite special for you and I know what you’re thinking my doves; Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? Why? The movie was out ages ago. That may be so but I needed to seriously let myself breathe after that before writing on this topic…

Why? Well that is very simple… The books were seriously a thousand times better as they tend to be for any series moved from print to screen. Now don’t get me wrong I love the hell out of Tim Burton and I found the movie charming, but I wouldn’t be worthy of either tattoo I have inspired by his works if I was not completely honest about how I felt about it…. The story was overall cheapened in the movie experience and three grand books were hacked and slashed until a sliver of an excerpt remained … Now let’s get to it my dears…and by ‘IT’ I mean the books.

Jacob was a young man whose grandfather told him stories about wondrous stories about an orphanage he lived in as a child. He told him about the girls who could wield fire and plants like an extension of themselves, the boy who housed bees in his body, and so many more. After a while, wondering in the mind of a child comes to an end in one way or another (although in this story it is harsher than most). When after being teased at school he returned to his grandfather to call him a liar. Seemingly fine with the arrangement his grandfather agreed to no longer talk about the wonderful orphanage full of Peculiar children.

Years pass and Jacob becomes a restless teen in a job he couldn’t get away from (and believe me he’s tried). Only to find out that his miserably ordinary day was about to get extraordinarily terrible in a way that would change his life. When his grandfather calls him, trying to get access to weapons because creatures are after him, Jacob gets his best friend (not his boss) to take him to his grandfather’s house where he found the body torn to ribbons. He sees something in the forest behind his grandfather’s house, but the therapists just chalk it all up to delusions caused by stress – which of course was from finding what was left of his grandfather. After years of therapy (not weeks), his therapy comes to a point where his therapist suggest he go visit his grandfather’s old stomping grounds in the hopes of closure.

What he finds is a nasty broken down house until a fiery young woman in both temperament and ability takes him to see Miss Peregrine. After everything goes to hell they discover multiple loops where they meet multitudes of Peculiars. They meet the pair of twins that never part hands or else risk a mind-breaking shriek, a grave yard of peculiar animals driven to deal in circuses and freak shows, and even they’re unfortunate enough to become a chair at the hands of some old rich woman. Although of course of note would have to be the Chickens of Armageddon with their explosive eggs but obviously none of these are my favorite peculiar. Hm? Who is my favorite peculiar? Well this Peculiar is one that I believe has not had his justice done in many ways. His name was Addison MacHenry who wore steam punk style goggles, smoked a cigar, and despised the name given to him by his previous master, so much he took his master’s as his own , and did I mention he was a talking dog? With a nose for Peculiar children with knowledge filled mind to aid them and the courage to carry it all out.

Throughout the story Jacob of course grows along with the other children while making many a break throughs that aid the Peculiar community enough so that Miss Peregrine was given the ability to help Jacob when he returned to his parent’s home in an ending far surpassing the cute cotton candy filled ending in the movie.

Now first thing to mention is there are three books Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Hollow City and The Library of Souls. Second thing you probably noticed is that the movie does not do its justice, however it does in my opinion get people curious about the book. In fact, I’m evidence of that since I wanted to be certain I read the book prior to watching the movie. If the reverse occurs there is certainly no harm. Although those with the patience to read the books definitely will not be disappointed. Hell they take a detour through a gaming/anime/general nerd convention of all places! (sorry they didn’t give the con a name). So the influences of various backdrops throwing a boy into olden days or throwing his girlfriend and Addison with him in the present is of course not without surprises. Although of course they include some suffering heavy loops addressing different types of depressing conditions such as control via substance abuse, typical uses of force, human trafficking, disease, famine, etc…

The story of course has a pleasant kick ass ending worth reading (obviously you need to read all three books). Now will you see the movie the same after reading the book? Absolutely not. Will the book blow your mind keeping you up until all hours? I don’t know, but it sure as hell kept me awake. My darlings if you get anything from reading me get this bloody fantastic and crazily hatter approved book series. I love it and guarantee you will as well it gives you some perspective on different battles both internal and external along with tactics for each. Some applicable some not so much. Now I’m off to go read it again. Good night my dears!

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