Let It Die (PS4|Freemium)

Hello my darlings! You’ve got Glamour and she’s got BLOODLUST!!! So the other day my husband – while browsing the free games – found Let It Die and started playing it. After climbing a couple floors he let me have a crack at it…. Within the first few minutes I was pissed off at the controls because I couldn’t throw a mushroom and I didn’t know how to switch my weapons for one arm over the other. Of course attacking came easy even though my first weapon was a gun. After I was done shouting obscenities and my darling told me that the actual side you’re hitting on the touch pad actually matter (left prep throw=> X  throw/right eat/swipe cycle) (contemplating making a pony avi for him just so he has a name vs just saying ‘my husband’ a lot).  Anyways let’s get going!

You start up on a moving train car something (like the metro only much more dingy) with a plethora of tubes inserted into people’s bodies at – of course multiple points, and you choose one of these as your body. You run around get used to the controls, get yourself some duds and weapons shortly after that you undergo circumstances that pull you from the game! You wake up in front of Death himself or as he likes to be called ‘Uncle Death’ while he calls you Sempai. Breaking the fourth wall all over this game because they are more talking about the person playing the game Let It Die – because it’s a game in a game set up. So they talk to you like you’re riding a meat suit…which you essentially are. Now the goal is to climb to the top of The Tower of Barbs which requires strong meat suits which means you might have to go through a bunch before unlocking some stronger ones.

Before we go any further I’m going to tell you one thing. Do NOT get attached to your character. You heard me. They are disposable meat bags in this game and you replace them like parts on your car. Now I’ve already told one person this and heard “but Glamour he’s my bro I could never get rid of him!” Going to tell you right now. WRONG! This game doesn’t have a lot of story, but what little it does mostly revolves around the bosses and also what you see about yourself traveling between floors and elevator rides where a log shows what you were doing alongside a map that goes right along with the text. I know that’s not really story….but this is one of the few games that doesn’t really need one, oddly enough. Hell they have enough personalities to go around Uncle Death, Meijin(nerd creepo), the insurance girl, the bitchy chick with the side missions computer, The Mushroom Magistrate, and last but definitely not least, GAY/CHINESE HITLER running the weapons shop!  (And his brother who’s shop moves while atop a tank and then some). Yes you read that right Gay Chinese Hitler supplies you with weapons for your climb up the Tower of Barbs.

The battle system at first obviously took a lot for me to get  since you strike with R2 and L2 while cycling through equipped weapons with right and left arrows respectively (click left to cycle left arm same with right arm). Also the mushroom controls take some getting used to as mentioned but after getting acquainted with that and that after hitting your rolodex (mail and archives/you need to hit square to get out of it) it makes things easier….Although I don’t guarantee you won’t accidentally eat the wrong mushroom once in a while.

Now let’s talk about the playtime and replayability/playtime. FUCK TON OF IT! This game is hard enough on its own without the online implications which come in the form of raids, expeditions, retaliation, collecting gear/materials/ blueprints, and fending off raids and hunters while climbing the tower. Along with the ever frequent sighting of a hater, throughout the game you see characters belonging to other players with orange writing because their character died there so they attack whoever until they are sent back to said player’s fridge (yes like a proper homicidal maniac you keep your extra bodies in a fridge.). Characters you run into with red names were actually sent to kill you while you climb up the tower. They are sent after you for a max of 24 hours.

Now let’s talk about raids. When conducting a raid you take the TDM (Tokyo Death Metro) run by Tetsuo to other players stations to get to their waiting rooms breaking up their storage containers and releasing any prisoners they might have in the bathroom (they use the bathroom for brainwashing or resetting characters from you capture other waiting rooms). Now I know what you’re thinking because I’ll be honest I thought it too “Glamour wrecking someone else’s place sounds awesome! However, what is going to stop other assholes from wrecking my place?” Let’s get to that by talking about Tetsuo’s other jobs helping you develop your waiting room (so you can store more bodies, hostages, currency and energy) and helping you set up your defenses. After leveling up some bodies to your satisfaction and that they are well armed with gear from gay Chinese Hitler’s shop (anything else can and will break) your previous bodies can be used to protect your waiting room from destruction. Although it’s harder to protect from those with higher ranking bodies obtained by you guessed it going up higher in the tower. Now unless you have enough splithium to give to Tetsuo (energy obtained on raids &/or while killing another player’s character) you’re stuck with only spots for two fighters. Which means killing them as you get further up the tower to make room for better ones which pretty much happens anyways, hell I unlocked nearly all of the fridge spots and I’m still killing off my old bodies to make room for the newer stronger ones I’m making. I’m also certain I’ll end up killing more until I’m able to churn out max levels.

There are a ton of places to go in the tower up, down, escalators in all directions and of course elevators that only go to the floors you have reached that become farther apart as you ascend. At this juncture it would be a good point to talk about why I call this game a ‘freemium’. This game kills you a lot so you spend skulls to prevent from ending the game and also to exchange for money (but not splithium). Also you can get express membership which last 30 days per which allows you ride the TDM for free. By that point you’ve already passed by the elevators as you head up the escalator for the first time a metal cage on the left and a swanky elevator on the left that you see someone peek out through and immediately shut the doors on you. This elevator takes you anywhere the elevator without charging you ingame credit unlike the metal cage. Although the woman will only let you in if you have an active express pass. Now if you get it or not is totally dependent on you or your parent if they decide to even let you play this or decide to pay for anything. It’s a fun game but can get addicting but it is frustrating in such a way that people have compared it to Dark Souls.

You can get free skulls from Uncle Death’s boxes which have a timer on them denoting when you can open them. Personally I Hatter Approve it because I think everyone could use a bit of catharsis while the game also needs a lot of effort to climb up the tower. Although warning for those taking the Premium or purchasing route be careful anything like that is easy to let get out of hand. So play and buy responsibly because I’m not going to take responsibility when someone tries to say “well Glamour told me to drop all my money on this game”. Anyways mini rant aside a side note about the graphics is that they are pretty neat but standard for a post-apocalyptic set up. Happy gaming my dears! Goodnight and this Hatter is out!….TO KILL SOME MORE ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember this game is freemium not because you pay to win its freemium because you pay to stay alive!

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BIG IMPORTANT NOTE!! You notice all the things in the picture book you can either eat or throw mention cooking? Well all you do is literally throw whatever it is into a fire maybe like the one by the mushroom magistrate? 😉

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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