Fushigi Yugi (Manga)

Hello my dears tonight I’m running down memory lane and thinking of Fushigi Yugi in between ‘sports’ anime reviews with an old fashioned time turner. So we start our story with two good friends Miaka Yuki and Yui Hongo. While fooling around with an old dusty book the girls find themselves in ancient China! Miaka is taken on as the Priestess of Suzaku, destined to collect the Seven Celestial Warriors under Suzaku to have her wishes granted. However, she gets a bit side tracked since she falls in love with one of her warriors and must remain chaste. She even has some problems in the friendship area when its revealed that she’s not the only priestess and that Yui’s experiences in China were not as gentle and welcoming as Miaka’s.

Throughout the series there is no shortage of awkwardness between the would be lovers Miaka and Tamahome (who consequentially catches the eye of Yui, Of course). Miaka takes her role as a priestess with hesitation until she figures out she can make a wish, including one where she goes to the same school with her best friend. However, aside from the collection of warriors, there are a lot of things she does not yet know about China, back in the day various artifacts that come into play, agendas, and her own strength that she has yet to find.But just how far is she willing to go to gain Suzaku’s favor? Dealing with various celestial beings and odd situations such as cross dressing warriors also this kind of story would not be complete without at least one doppelganger incident.

There is not really much to say. You start off in modern day Japan in a school and then after checking out an old scroll – Tada! you are in ancient China! Sure there are some celestial areas involved but there is not really much more than that to say.

The art favors the old fashioned styles of course, pretty floral designs and such now that I’m older I realize the story is not as impressive as I once thought… Maybe it’s more like high school in ancient China than anything else which sort of disappoints me now as I start going through my older books to donate. However, it does remind me that I have Ceres Celestial Legend that I can look forward to writing about along with Red River. I like to say sometimes the oldest things are best however this is one of those stories that prove to be an exception to the statement. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great either. I think the one worst thing that happened in the manga was when Yui thought she was raped. Anyways, not rave review good night my dears.

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