Yuri!!! On Ice (Anime)

Hello my dears Glamour here and I’m here to talk about some Yuri {female moaning in the background} Not that kind of yuri!! Now I will admit I was a little confused about the name as well so let’s clear this up right away. Yuri is the name of our protagonist he’s a sweet, pudgy boy from a small dying town where they don’t have a lot to really look forward to save young Yuri coming come after a big loss during a Men’s Figure Skating tourney. Now I know what you’re thinking he’s pudgy so how the hell is he skating? The answer to that my dears is quite simple… not well. Ever since he was little Yuri loved ice skating and in the ice skating world revered no one as much as Russian figure skater (and Yuri’s man crush) Victor Nikiforov.

Now the story starts off in a pitiful state Yuri is contemplating whether he should quite professional figure skating or not. His life is dreary he can’t think of anything positive about himself to save his life and even when his idol talks to him all he can do is run away. So he returns home in shame contemplating the same until he puts on a private performance for a childhood friend but unbeknownst to him his friend’s ice skating obsessed female triplets record his performance and post it on the web…Which instantly went viral. He’s bombarded with calls and one very familiar looking poodle…that of his idol Victor Nikiforov!! Now the famous skater has announced that so taken he was by watching the chubby ice skater that he took him on as protégé but first things first he had to learn about the introvert and also more importantly…. Yuri needed to lose weight.

Thus far in the series they show a myriad of skaters with varying motivations, families, strengths, weaknesses, etc… You name it something crazy was happening from the heavy overtones of Yaoi between Yuri and Victor but not limited to since they have the Russian Yuri (aka Yurio), ‘King’ JJ from Canada (narcissist) , Michele Crispino (nearly incestuous with twin sister/unrequited love), Thai skater Phichit Chulanont , and Georgie Popovich (constantly thinks of his ex-girlfriend while skating),  and my last worthy Christophe Giacometti the guy who goes crazy with sex appeal (his mental dialogue during his programs usually ends with ‘I think  I’m going to ***’ . Now even with the crazed sexual mentions oddly enough the focus actually is on skating and the relationships between skaters. Sure a lot occurs and make things seem more yaoi than it should but oddly enough is not. I like that this series explores more than just the main two characters even reaching into the lives of Yurio and his peers or Michele’s transition. I could name more but then I would be here all day. Point being that relationships are a bit part of it. Since before you can do all the stuff that makes the crowds go crazy you have a lot to learn about yourself such as limitations, strengths and weaknesses.

The art is very sleek ….save when they have to show off Yuri’s pudge… meanwhile during the shows you’re dazzled by all the sparkles, outfits, etc… The movements of the body are smooth and I really enjoy the performances and the story that is explained with each one whether it is the story of the song, the skater, or what have you. The outfits obviously vary even if certain skaters use outfits for certain programs but not for lack of variety.

Now I admit to being a little… hesitant to review this anime since I’m not into sports in the slightest in fact after this review I’ll be writing a piece on Haikyu!, the volleyball anime. However, I think this one was very artistic, emotionally moving, funny, and intriguing all at the same time which draws me to expect great things from this series as it continues on! Definitely Hatter Approved!! Good night my dears!!  (Those who think anything I mentioned is bad feel free to comment…BRING IT!)

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