Dragon Ball Fusions (3DS)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic lately. Since I’ve picked this game up, how nostalgic? Well I started watching from Dragon Ball and have now reached the point where Goku is now taking on Muscle Tower in the frozen north and I’m determined to get at least to the start of DBZ by Christmas/Yule/Winter Solstice/whatever. Now let’s talk about the game!

You start off making a character I went with a cute alien female and after she was to my liking it showed her with her partner with whom she had just finished collecting the Dragon Balls with. He’s a spiky haired little asshat by the name of Pinich. Why am I denoting him as an asshat already? Simple after collecting the dragon balls he makes a really vague wish that triggers the creation of another dimension with all sorts of fighters showing up all with the aim of winning the tournament and receiving the title of the greatest warrior. The tournament is pretty simple to start you build up 5 man teams (max you can have in a party but you can stow more later in the game) as you fight other groups you gain energy and more fighters which in turn gives you more energy all so you can break through barriers to get to the various areas that help you out through the game like the Cell Games Arena, Hercule City, Grand Elder Guru’s house, Frieza’s ship, and a lot of other places.

The graphics are for the most part very very cutesy for a DBZ game (or DB if you so prefer) since all the characters are in chibi form (three sizes available but all are still chibi). The only way to get a character that looks normal is to pull off a five person fusion but that’s something I’ll go into later. So let’s get into character development.

As far as character development goes don’t really expect a ton because all of these characters are already established via the series however there are some interesting points like having young Goku meet his older self which is fairly normal yet trippy at the same time for this game since you already have young Goku, Young Trunks, Goten, and Pan all as your first team set up. Mostly what you see of character personality and the like is when you hit story sequences. Oddly enough one of my favorite story sequences was where you recruit Vegeta’s daughter after she quits some silly act and steps forward to fight that she is her parent’s daughter from both sides ( ‘I am my mother’s and my father’s daughter!’) then decides to fight with you!  

The battle system is pretty easy  to figure out with three fighter types Speed, Power, Technique. Each have strengths and weaknesses in a sort of rock, paper, scissors set up (which is shown on every battle on the bottom screen in the upper right hand corner). I prefer the speed style for my character because you can alter the course of your Ki moves in a line as long as everything lines up it’s like playing pool and can send your opponents off like a pinball game. Granted you can still pinball with the other types but it’s a little more difficult. Power hit one enemy really hard in one small area, speed target one enemy while lining up the axis so you can hit multiple targets, technique similar to power but with wider AoE. Mostly after picking up the patterns for Ki attacks everything else falls into collecting allies, collecting energy, and deciphering which special abilities to keep and get rid of.

The third is what I found the hardest because you can only hold so many while they all vary in rank, type, and of course by whoever can actually use said abilities. However one thing everyone can pull off is an ultra fusion which is the only way you show up as a normal sized person for the duration of one somewhat extended attack. Although of note what you look like in that form is not necessarily guaranteed because it changes each time even if you use the same team. If you use the team repeatedly however you have a better chance of seeing those combinations again of course but again not guaranteed (this does not apply to normal fusions).

There are a good amount of side missions which take up some decent time however some of them do require some refining such as looking for baby toys for Android 18’s daughter… One of the items is in a really weird location and is at this time impossible for me to get to. Although it is pretty fun along with getting various outfits for my fighter and being able to change the color of said outfits whenever I like (you can choose by color scheme but the only customization options are top vs bottom versus deciding the colors for each component). All in all its interesting and gives a more strategic playthrough with the DB Universe with all the punching, kicking, and laughter we have come to love from the series which I love. However, I could see some fans not being happy because it doesn’t fall into the typical fighting game format. Honestly I’m fine with it as it is save the changes to the tracking system other than that I highly recommend it if you don’t mind the format change. Well goodnight my darlings this Hatter is OUT!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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