Deception IV Blood Ties (vita)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and I’m running through a game I forgot I even had now only to remember I forgot it for good reason! Deception Blood Ties lures you in with the aspect of blood and delightful murder which it has but not in the way you would think… So you’re name is Laegrinna and you get to take over a domain and set it up to kill people with various traps in different spaces. Sounds fun right? I thought so too but they forget to mention your actual physical body is kind of useless and oh you can actually fall victim to your own traps (tested it for shits and gigs). So let’s get to it.

You start off on your own domain learning from three of your daddy’s servants how to kill people and not just how to kill people but how to kill people then have it rated for how elaborate, humiliating, and or sadistic the act is. Your physical body’s purpose is to lure to get the different in saps so they get snagged in your traps.

The graphics are good but its the movement that sells like the subtle boob jiggles of your heroine(?) and the effects that go with someone being caught in your traps be it stage originated, something you threw in or even both.

Now you’ll notice this review is a bit bare bones for what I usually do… There is a reason for it. The game caught me with the promise of gore but was so annoying with repetition and being bossed around by your handmaidens it made me think who is really working for who? As far as character development I can only really promise that the people that come in trying to kill you only get more and more twisted….Like a nun that sort of acts like launch from Dragon Ball but don’t bother with the pepper the only thing that turns this bitch on is the heat of battle showing off her guns like no other. All in all I was not impressed.

If you love gore but want it now then I don’t suggest this game, if you like sitting there making the perfect mouse trap coupled with watching the bloodlines of essentially the purest of the pure end as the grungiest dregs of humanity then be my guest…Now if you decide to ignore what you just read which is your right of course…. Just be certain to do a couple things make sure you are out of range of your traps (your character is crazy squishy) and make use of your Devil’s Eye which essentially works as your scan to see what type of traps won’t work on your victims because let me tell you trying to kill a fat man who learns as you attack him makes you want to force feed him 50 pounds of bacon so he can die of a heart attack…

This game is so bad it has inspired me to create a list that will be updated every so often with something I’d like to call ‘NO GAMES!’ These are games that I find so terrible I don’t think anyone would want to play them. However that is not to say I won’t listen to someone if they say leave me a comment about a game on the ‘NO GAMES!’ list. Link will be added to this post and any other game I review that I deem worthy of the ‘NO GAMES!’ list. Hatter out my dears!…and if I didn’t make it clear…NOT HATTER APPROVED!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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