Return To PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale (3DS)

Happy Thanksgiving my dears to those that celebrate it and condolences for those that mourn it. Today since everyone is going to be eating so much I figure it’s a good a time as any to do a review heavy into harvest. From the Story of Seasons creators we have Return to PopoloCrois. Now let’s get started my dears!

Good morning your highness! You are Prince Pietro of PopoloCrois and continuing on from what was once on a PSP you take off to the forest when your parents the King and Queen wait for an envoy from another kingdom. A beauty indeed but as soon as she walks in the hairstyle tips you off that something is not quite right with her although of course the in game character has no clue! He’s of course that cute, pure, naïve hero type although the lady at his side is on the right page along with you and her name is Narcia a kind witch that casts a protection spell on you that saves your sorry backside! In some crazy events you get transported to Galariland where you meet a pair of brothers, fairy folk, and a mysterious blue wolf that take time and effort to take care of our seemingly uncoordinated prince whom was discovered KO’ed in the forest after he fell off a cliff shouting nearly literally crazy.  After recovery you realize learning about this land is necessary to find his way home and save it as well as the world he’s arrived in.

Character development is pretty steady although they do hold out some of the best links and secrets until the very end. The characters take the time to learn things about them that even they didn’t even know about themselves while bringing the various gardens to life and reviving the guardian deity that protects the people and makes the land fruitful. Although you don’t just farm your way to victory you have a blade on your hip for a reason for crying out loud! With that let’s get to those graphics my darlings they are simple and cute round shapes keep the characters endearing even the ‘Dark Knight Gami Gami’ looks like something I could just pick up and  put up on my desk next to my Steven Universe figures and my coin bank that looks like a human skull then again not like everyone has my taste for interior design but you get my point my doves.

Now the battle system is fairly easy to understand it is a turn based system with the implementation of a Area of Effect for certain techniques with a touch of grid in place if one pays close attention to the ground while executing attacks. Everything is easy to grasp from combo attacks which don’t necessarily require those involved to be in rage of eachother while performing the attack only the range marked out or referred to in the attack description (all, line, fan, radius, fan) which is usually easy to remedy unless someone in your party or some debris happens to be in your way although as attack ranges get larger that becomes less and less of a problem.

The playtime is a fair time kill you can either spend all your time just growing plants and taking care of animals once you get to a comfy point. However after you beat the game you can return to Galariland and take care of your crops, critters, and side quests if you want going back and forth freely between the lands. I for one think it’s a good balance between smashing face and providing the Earth with some much needed TLC. Sure the graphics are super diabetes but still worth to the point where I Hatter Approve but only if you are fine with a more balanced game rather than 100% farm or 100% smash face. Oddly enough I’ve seen people put off on games with fighting which surprises me like crazy for certain but again that’s what the caveat is for! Now my dears have fun eating all that turkey and stay safe Black Friday shopping and remember no item is worth your life or someone else’s!! Goodnight my dears!

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