MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death (PS Vita)

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and before I got all caught up in Pokémon I was playing MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death to pass the time. Now I know that’s not much of a ‘selling point’ but that’s not my job or aim here just my honest opinion and review. So let’s dismiss all the rabble rousing and get going!

You’re an adorable young girl named Estra with the ability to manipulate machinery sent by your village as a representative to save the world by turning the key that keeps it going but first things first. You are one of five girls chosen for this person. Each with their own reasons to save the planet, elements, and after they arrive in the Machina City they are each allowed the use of a guardian a metal vessel they command in battle as shield and sword. Side by side with your guardian you fight to see who can hit the top of each tower and bathe at each of those check points to qualify to be the girl who saves the world! Of course there is the matter of the other girls and their guardians along with a set of creeps content to see that none of the intended girls makes it to save the world.

The character development is gradual but likened to a sorority where every girl is out for themselves but eventually ally with the strongest female just to save their own perky asses because after a while one by one the girls each lose their guardians and you loan them the spare you happen to have so they can fight alongside you. You are limited to three Guardian and mage teams but you cannot have a guardian without a mage so the girl goes down well you’ve got a nice chunk of scrap on the battlefield. Aside from being cute and determined I didn’t see much room for growth then again the highlights of each girl are their stereotypes or boobage….pick one can’t have a multifaceted personality and boobs. Anyways moving on.

Graphics are decent the girls only really show up as portraits since the guardians are the ones that show up in battle mode. Although I do like the detail on the guardians especially with guardian customizations. Replace the arms, the chassy, add some extra gems, and your new fighting force is ready to go. Another item of import would be the dungeon design each dungeon tougher than the last with different secrets in each a dungeon in the Black Tower, Fire Trap in the Red Tower, etc…  Although I will admit I used some of the landmarks to my advantage like grinding for experience by running into every sentient stone dragon available. Although I will admit it they give me for more chances to make combinations to create various attacks.  I’ll admit that is my draw to the game along with upgrading my guardians gear. Although a few would argue they prefer when the girls change outfits but I’m just going to chalk that up to fanservice and keep my eye on the guardians!

All in all the battles are still easy to figure out an action for each pair in battle unless the pair’s mage is incapacitated. 9 times out of ten the skills of the guardian are more effective than that of the mage unless there is a definitely element advantage. Now overall its not a ground shattering game but its not terrible either… It’s pretty enough to warrant attention but a little too fanservicey for my taste although I will admit with the extensive dungeons and running between the towers all the time for various reasons it is a good time kill with the dungeon mapping, level grind, money for new parts oh and of course the part of the game where I felt like I was transported back to an ice cave in Pokémon which means exactly what you think it means, sliding puzzle. All in all it was fun but I can’t give it my Hatter Approved in good conscience my dears. Hatter out good night my dears!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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