Pokémon Sun and Moon (3DS)

Hello my dears Glamour here and as expected I got one of the new Pokémon games just released not too long ago and I’m obviously quite happy with it! I’m running Pokémon Moon (my husband has Pokémon Sun) and chose Rowlet as my starter now let’s talk about my journey with Francois and how everything rolls in the Alola Region! Now I know the first question you want to ask… Why the hell would you name your starter Francois? Well my dears that question has a very simple answer, because I felt like it! Moving on!

You are new to the Alola region recently relocated with your mother and her Meowth (not the Alola region brand). After a while you meet the shirtless Professor Kukui who tells you he is very excited to see you receive your starter Pokémon from the island’s Kahuna. He and his assistant Lillie take you through a long tutorial like journey which trainers are already complaining about because ‘They have already played this game for 20 years’ of course I have also (oops my age is showing! L ) but also understand that its more for the new trainers, kids, or those that got tired of Pokémon Go and wanted to try something a little more solid. Anyways the game promises a bunch of new features and also kept some fan favorites along with a somewhat needed facelift.

Throughout your journey you are accompanied by Lillie, her little stowaway, Hau the first Kahuna’s grandson, and Professor Kakui all of them meeting up with you every so often at important events with varying personalities that make the story more rich along with the multiple in game factions Team Skull and the Aether Foundation which are surprisingly not entirely black and white. Now quick input about the graphics I’m in love with the sharpness and also happy with amount of interaction you can have with your surroundings. While your Pokemon smash, swim, fly, etc… you take of the world picking up fashion items and changing your look as you go! Since you are allowed to buy clothes and hit up the hair salon!

So let’s get to the battle system a shortcut was added for using Pokéballs , after battling a Pokémon once anytime you face the same type of Pokémon afterwards you will be able to see the effectiveness of various attacks, Pokémon you have bonded well with display various messages depending on the status of the battle such as “Francois is tired he is afraid he will don’t do well..” if you use one Pokémon too much or “Francois is pleased to bits!” when the Pokémon is happy due to an action performed such as healing.

There are obviously more actions but let us be honest. You are not just interested in those messages since there is so much more to talk about. One very important take away I have from the new world order is that after the battle you can spruce up your Pokémon even to the point that you can do away with status ailments without the use of items. Now if you recall from the last couple of games there was an application called Pokémon ami where you cared for your team although now it is referred to as Pokémon Refresh (well thank you Sailor Moon! Jk). Same functions as before with the previously mentioned little bonus the only real difference aside from the grooming kit is the replacement of the baked treats for beans. Which can be obtained from the cafes in Pokémon Centers and on the Poké Pelago. Now I know what you’re thinking “What the fuck is a Poké Pelago?”

Well my dears it’s a place to obtain beans and allow Pokémon to wander in even to stay if they like while making friends with the Pokémon you have sent to your storage system. However, I can’t spend forever on all these new functions simply because there are too many. They are all pretty fun so the only other one I feel the need to talk about at this point is the use of the ride pagers. You call Pokémon to your side to perform various functions swim, item detect, rock crush, etc… it eliminates the need for HM Slaves. Which is good because HMs are gone as are gyms (yes I know they already told us this).  The gym system is replaced by the trials which is composed of tasks given by captains and the Totem Pokémon they assist in training while obtaining Z Crystals as marks of victory (more z crystal more stock at Pokémarts) followed by a battle with the Island’s Kahuna.

Now all of this is well explained in game, and again I know those that are old hand at this are a bit tired of it but I feel it’s necessary and makes for an even learning curve for everyone playing the games old and new. So those who are whining that its too ‘training wheelie’ Shut the hell up not everything is about you there are new people playing this game like maybe your niece or nephew playing it for the first time. So think before you go off about ‘THIS IS BULLSHIT!! I’VE BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME SINCE BEFORE I STARTED WHACKIN’!” Anyways crude comment aside I’ve been very happy with the game…. The only thing that really upset me was when my Rockruff Lydia evolved…. I pretty much almost cried. Although I was upset I can’t fault the creativity of the design even begrudgingly. For playtime there is a lot to do even giving you reasons to go back to locations to find Pokémon you might have missed or after getting more ride pagers. The trials between Kahuna battles get lengthier and complex as the game goes on. All in all its Hatter approved and I’m looking forward to catching all the Pokemon I can and also using the QR feature to find out just where they are hiding! Follow the link below and it will give you the QR codes for every Pokemon so you know just where to find them. Also in regards to raising Pokémon and or finding them don’t forget to use the daycare (daycare is no longer able to level up your Pokemon) and if you want to bring in Pokemon from your other games you can use Pokemon Bank the only drawback is that it won’t work for Sun and Moon until sometime in January of 2017….much to my dismay when my husband told me it would work… Again all in all aside from that hiccup I’m pretty happy with the game and Hatter Approve it! Good night my dears!




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