Style Savvy Fashion Forward (3DS)

Well hello my darlings! You’ve got Glamour and I’ve got a need for some new boots and some shirts that go swish! You know what I mean my dears I’m talking about another Style Savvy game! The time has come again to talk of pretty things! From earrings that glisten to boots that keep on kicking…and… Okay I’m done with that crap I am totally not Marry Poppins, the Walrus from Alice in Wonderland or anything of the like so let’s move on! You’re back to picking out clothes and dressing the masses! So without further ado let’s go!

Well life sucks you’re bored but you come across a small part of a dollhouse and a key that your grandmother left you. So naturally curious you open it up…and a girl walks out! She’s about the size of a Barbie and tells you that your grandma and her grandma were best friends. So now she wants to show you what can happen when you shrink down to the size of a doll and walk through the door she just came out of! You walk in to find an entire city… in a way it is sort of like another dimension since there are more locations available by train.

Now as you go through the game you meet multiple women different races, tastes, etc… Honestly some of the requests bothered me…. ‘simple’, ‘plain’, I no shit had to make an outfit for a woman in ALL ORANGE!!! I nearly went into a panic… Now don’t get me wrong I am sure orange is okay in moderation but the girl seriously looked like she just got caught in a bukkake storm with Willy Wonka’s entire staff…. Emphasis on the ‘Willy’. Although let’s not stop there with the requests some were crazily vague!!  If you didn’t give them a certain item you didn’t have a clue what to do if they said ‘hey I want something to match my shoes’ its like come on at least give us a hint of what brand it is….

The game has been faithful to the idea of brand snobbery which sometimes makes the styling process a bit easier. Now some are specific which is good but then they fucked up the search by not putting anything in alphabetical order. It’s like you’re selling this game to what are essentially teenage girls and younger. You think they are going to spend the time I would trying to play the guesswork of figuring out what these women want? Well here is the answer FUCK NO! Now I know you’re noticing I had a bit of a tempo change in this review well its because between talking about the train and then transitioning to talking about the requests…

I beat the game. Pretty great right? WRONG! I felt completely JIPPED! There were still areas in the city to unlock, I STILL have a girl stuck at the makeup shop because I can’t get more than one set of makeup then again I should also have a way with fixing up my hair styles and those of my mannequins, too right? NOPE! They show the option should be available but I can’t figure out how the hell to unlock it! Also, men’s styling? You remember that was a thing in the last installation of Style Savvy well you do eventually get to it however not how you would expect. You must beat the game first (final fashion show) and then you can style men… In an option in the title menu. You’re styling people for what they want and they just half ass it there? So instead they let you have the chalet where you design rooms and pass them about during street pass? It’s cute but aside from miniatures which can also be used in your shop….WHY? Don’t fucking know. Okay now let me try to get positive here… They did open up a few more brands and get rid of some old ones although I don’t get some of the names Enid Chen? Streetflow? Feels like some smoker started writing stuff down then picked it out of a hat. Although I will admit the clothes look awesome.

Now for the story I’m not really that much of a fan but its only because its too simple. You just mindlessly keep selling people clothes and making fashion shows until the game is over. Although you have the option to take on modeling jobs, talk to people in town (bring them toward your shop), go to different areas to have fun with people that have walked away from the boutique happy. Those are aspects I like along with the graphics. The graphics are still sharp and pretty in a way that draws the eye. However for me these things are not enough to gain my forgiveness and sadly I can’t Hatter Approve it even if I did love the two previous games. If you do still bother to get this game all I can say is talk to Evie every once in a while at the café to help yourself out when you get stuck towards the end of the game but mostly I kind of just feel saddened and disappointed. My only relief with this game was that while I kind of freaked after beating the game my husband’s guess about the makeup and men’s styling being a paid DLC turned out to be false. All in all I’m just….this game was a missed opportunity with pretty graphics…  If you like just mindelessly putting together new outfits and modeling jobs be my guest but anything else well I don’t know what to tell you… Later my dears I need a drink…Also my mentioning wanting a drink is not license for those underage to drink…Go get whatever the hell your parents tell you that you can have. Hatter out my dears.

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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